Dyson Blinking Blue Light – How to Solve

There is no doubt about how a vacuum cleaner is a life savior in case of cleaning our house. A vacuum cleaner consumes less time than manual cleaning.

Dyson is one of the market’s most convenient and user-friendly vacuum cleaners. However, seeing your Dyson blue light blinking is not much of a pleasing experience.

It is best not to avoid this problem as the blinking of blue lights indicates some issues with your vacuum cleaner.

The blue blinking light of Dyson might be a low battery or a clogged vacuum cleaner. Whether it is a Dyson V6, Dyson V7, or Dyson V8, all these models blink blue light for the same reason.

They are some of the old models of Dyson vacuum cleaners and give an alarm of a clogged or faulty vacuum cleaner by blinking blue lights.

The blue light indicates the airway, battery, or filter is blocked and needs replacement.

dyson flashing blue light

The Reason For Dyson Blinking Blue Lights

There are specific issues that make the Dyson Vaccum cleaner blink blue light. Before you try fixing the blue lights blinking issue, you should know the actual reason.

Without knowing the exact problem, you won’t be able to fix the problem.

If you want your Dyson to last long and vacuum your house with high dust emissions, you must keep servicing your device. 

So, here are some of the reasons for a Dyson blinking blue lights-

A Clogged Filter

When you use a vacuum cleaner for an extended time, it is natural that the dirt will clog the filter. There are no benefits to using a clogged vacuum cleaner as it won’t be able to clean your house correctly.

The cleaner cannot suck dirt through a clogged filter. That is why knowing when is the right time to replace the filter is essential.

It is not possible to check the filter daily. So, the Dyson vacuum cleaner blinks light to grab its user’s attention that it is time to replace the filter.

It is best to replace the filter as soon as possible, as a clogged filter does not allow Dyson to do its job properly.

Clogged dyson vacuum filter

Drained Battery

The blue lights also indicate problems other than a blocked airway and a clogged filter. For example, Dyson D7’s blue lights flashing 10 times indicates battery issues.

If you find your Dyson vacuum cleaner flashing blue lights despite a clean filter, there is a battery issue.

Over time the battery life keeps deteriorating after every use. So, the battery gets drained after a few years of using a vacuum cleaner. In case of a battery issue, the Dyson will blink blue lights in three ways. These are-

1. Blue Lights Flashing 10 times: If your Dyson vacuum cleaner blinks blue light precisely 10 times, it means the battery is fully drained. In such a situation, you must replace the battery to continue using the vacuum cleaner.

2. Flashing Blue Light While Charging: Dyson flashing blue light when charging V8 is a common issue. If your Dyson V8 model keeps blinking while charging, the battery has bad health.

You need to replace the battery to fix the blinking problem of your vacuum cleaner. Dyson V6’s solid blue light when charging is also caused due to the battery issue.

3. Flashing Blue light without charging: The battery has no power if no charger is connected and your Dyson blinks blue light. In such a situation, charge the battery for at least 3.5 hours to solve the problem.

So, by noticing the type of flashing blue light, you can understand whether you need to replace the battery of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

In short, you need to charge the battery if the Dyson is rapidly flashing blue light. If you lost the power cord and cannot charge the battery, you need the help of Dyson customer service.

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Again, the battery needs replacement if the blue light is still on while changing the device. Also, if Dyson’s battery is unable to hold the charge for a long, you need to replace the battery.

Blocked Airways

It is common for the Dyson vacuum cleaner’s airways to get blocked due to big particles of dust. The hose, wand, and dust canister are the vacuum cleaner’s airways that get blocked.

Small dust particles, things like socks, or small pieces of cloth can block the airways. So, blocked airways make Dyson blink blue lights to let the user know about the blockage.

There might be a piece of cloth or sock on your floor, and your vacuum cleaner can suck that without making you notice that.

When this happens, it is apparent that it will block the airways of the vacuum cleaner. In such a scenario, check and clean the airways of the vacuum cleaner whenever it blinks blue lights.

Clogged Engine Filter

The engine or motor filter blockage also makes the Dyson blink blue lights to notify the user.

Check the engine filter to see if there is an issue with the battery, filter, and airways. You need to disassemble the filter and check for the blockage. The following steps will tell you how to check the engine or motor filter for blockage.

  • There is a dust container in every model of Dyson vacuum cleaner. Remove that dust container and unscrew the engine filter.
  • After unscrewing, detach the engine filter and clean it.
  • Assemble the filter back to its original and then reassemble the vacuum cleaner.

Unconnected Attachments

If the vacuum cleaner’s attachments are not connected properly, the Dyson will blink blue lights. Ensure that all the vacuum cleaner parts, like the wand, hose, etc., are correctly attached.

After attaching the parts, start the vacuum cleaner to resume cleaning without blinking blue lights.


dyson blue light flashing faqs

Why is my Dyson V8 flashing blue?

In most cases, Dyson V8 blinking blue light means the device battery is not charged. To charge the device, connect it with a charging cable.

You can also charge the device by connecting it to a docking station. It will take up to 3.5-5 hours for the battery to be charged fully.

What do flashing blue lights mean on Dyson V11?

Dyson V11 flashing blue light tells a different story as it is a newer model. In the case of V11, it will blink for 5 seconds when the battery is fully charged.

Besides flashing 5 times, the screen on the vacuum cleaner shows the battery level at 100%.

Why is my Dyson flashing blue and not charging?

A Dyson with a clogged filter won’t charge and blink blue lights. You can easily solve this problem by replacing the filter of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

While buying a filter, you need to buy one as per the model of your Dyson.

Moreover, it is best if you buy it from the Dyson store itself. Always try to change the filter once a year to avoid this problem.


Now that you know the factors behind Dyson’s blue light blinking, you can solve the problem without going to a store.

If you can identify where the problem is, it is just a matter of a few minutes to fix the problem.

Carefully check the Dyson vacuum cleaner and determine whether you need to replace the battery or the filter.

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