Shark Navigator Swivel Reviews: Pro vs. Plus Reviews

SharkNinja has never made you disappointed with their up-to-the-minute features and amazing attributes. This top-notch brand of vacuum cleaner is leading the market for years.

There are only a number of companies that can compete with the SharkNinja when it comes to cleaning the house appropriately.

Cleaning is the job of Shark and they do it properly. This company introduced the Shark Navigator Swivel to gear up the cleaning facilities.

This new innovation in Shark has crafted two products that make us confuse to choose one between them.

So, we are here to make the confusion clear of Shark Navigator Swivel Pro vs. Plus!

What is Shark Swivel?

Shark Navigator Swivel! If you are a vacuum lover and you are someone who wants your device to work as carefully as you do then there is no ideal product than Shark!

Shark has always been there to clean up your house, upholstery and even the furniture. Now, what is the Shark Navigator Swivel? This one of the newest and most famous vacuum cleaners by Shark and this has amazing features along with incredible durability.

In comparison to the other models of Shark, this one is the updated version of the. It includes the technology of “never loses suction” to gear up the whole cleaning process.

Not only this but this model also contains so many wonderful accessories. No matter you have a pet or not, this model is the “go to” model for everyone!

The Professional version of the Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum Cleaner is a PRO when it comes to small to medium houses. It can cover up the dust and clean the house properly. It is handier than the Plus version.

The Plus version of Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner is best for large houses. It also provides additional features for an extra price.

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Shark Navigator Swivel Reviews: Pro vs. Plus
Which one is better?

Shark Navigator Swivel Reviews

Let’s start with the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Reviews (NV352)

Cleaning, which is one of the basic priorities of every house, should always be perfect. Shark helps its user to make their house cleaner than any other vacuum cleaner in the market. The Shark Navigator Professional Upright Vacuum NV352 Cleaner in the Swivel model is one of the best vacuum cleaners according to the users and the reviewers.


  • Weight: 12.5/7.5 lbs
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Filtration: HEPA Filtration
  • Color: Purple

This Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner goes exactly with the name PRO! It is very much professional when it comes to the design of this cleaner. The flexibility of the design makes it far better than the other cleaners.

If you purchase this cleaner, you will get an opportunity to choose between the standard brush roll and the gentle brush roll. The choice is yours!


Do you have a pet? If you have a pet in your house then you can choose the standard brush roll. This will help you clean all the pet hair that can make your house dirty. This feature of this vacuum cleaner makes the cleaner perfect for the pet. If you do not have any pet then you can easily settle on the gentle brush roll. It will clean up all the dirt of your house with no trouble.

The incredible factor about the design of this cleaner is the canister. It is very lightweight. It is not only lightweight but also removable. You will have no trouble with the canister as you can easily remove it and again attach it.

This cleaner basically weighs 13 pounds. Thanks to the canister because it makes the weight only 9 pounds! The cleaner is portable if you judge in this term. With this portable vacuum cleaner, you will be able to clean the stairs effortlessly.


What are you going to clean? We know that the quality of a cleaner basically depends on the materials and the features. But the floor you are going to clean is also very important when you are going to choose one vacuum cleaner. With this handy vacuum cleaner, you will get one attachment for the bare floor.

Do you have hardwood floors? Are you going to shift to a tile-floored house? If you are with this vacuum cleaner then you do not need to worry at all. This cleaner is going to make the cleaning process easier than anything!

No matter it is hardwood floor or a carpet, this vacuum has the incredible ability to work as the best cleaner in every floor type. You have to remember that if you are going to clean high piles carpet or if you are up for cleaning thick rugs, more than one pass is required for getting the best outcome.

This cleaner has a feature named Suction Control. You can control the suction power of the cleaner with only one button. This button is situated on the handle. So, with this cleaner, you will not need to bend down any more for cleaning the floor.

You will never see any drop off of the suction while cleaning. With the high powered suction, you can effortlessly clean every kind of dirt from the carpets. If you are up for pet hair then we recommend you using the Turbo Pet Power.


With the Shark navigator Swivel Pro, you will get a dusting brush. This will make dusting the dirt of the high object easier. Not only this, but you will also get a crevice tool which is of 8 Inch. The other crevice tool will be of 24 Inch. You can get to the back of the objects with these tools.

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This Shark Navigator Swivel Vacuum Pro affords you the best filtration system HEPA filter. Whenever the dust is there inside your cleaner, you are safe because no dust will mix up with the air again. So, cleaning the air of the house it very easy now with the Shark Navigator Professional!

Do you want this cleaner to be handier? Let us tell you that this cleaner has the HEPA filter which is washable.

Bin CapacityF

The dustbin of this Shark Navigator Swivel Professional is of moderate capacity. It has a 4.4 dry quart bin for collecting the dust of your whole house. The canister of this Shark Navigator Swivel Cleaner is tightly sealed. If you are an allergen then do not worry about the air getting dirty again. It seals the dust inside ad it doesn’t leak allergens.

What we love most

It has a flexible design. The removable canister is another important feature that makes this cleaner very handy and portable. This cleaner is lightweight and it can clean both hardwood floors and the carpets. The filtration method is allergen-free!

What can be improved?

The bin capacity is a negative aspect of this cleaner. Whenever you want to clean the house, you will be required to empty the bin during your work because the bin is small and cannot hold dust more than its capacity.

What next,

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Reviews

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright model by Shark which is also known as the Shark navigator 2.0 is an all in one for your house if you want the best benefit from your Vacuum Cleaners. If you have a large house, get one Shark Navigator Plus which will lift up the entire cleaning process amazingly.

From design to performance, this Shark Navigator is one of the best products by the high-end brand Shark. You will get good performance and long-lasting service from this vacuum.


  • Weight: 19.8 lbs
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Filtration: HEPA Filtration
  • Color: Blue


The brush roll of this cleaner is designed in a deluxe size. You have all the power to switch ON or OFF this motorized brush roll with just one button. For cleaning every kind of floors, this brush roll is added. For versatile cleaning, you also get one wand. This extra-long and convenient wand can go to the higher positions that you can’t reach.

The swivel steering of the Shark Navigator Plus Vacuum is extremely lightweight. If you are a person who finds it tough to bear a vacuum cleaner which is very heavy then get one Shark Navigator Plus which will solve all your problems.

The other far-fetched feature of this Shark Navigator Plus is the process of emptying the bin. The design of this cleaner is crafted in such a way that the user gets it easy to empty the bin whenever they want.


According to performance, the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is actually a PLUS! One of the positive aspects of this Shark Navigator is the swivel steering. If you are around your furniture, you do not need to worry about the maneuvering.

This vacuum is highly maneuverable. With the help of the swivel steering of this Shark Navigator, you will be able to control your cleaner and maneuver your device whenever you are around your furniture.

What floor do you have? Stop thinking! You do not need to think about your floor types when you are with this Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is amazing for the hardwood floor along with the carpets! All you need to do is shut ON or OFF the brush roll and then select anyone in between bare floor or carpet. Only a button will work for you if you want to switch.

While cleaning carpets or hardwood, you have to be careful about the proper process of cleaning. This cleaning tool is said to be the perfect vacuum cleaner for the pet hair. So, if you have a pet in your house then do not get tensed about the cleanliness of your house. Get one Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner and jump for making the house dirt-free.

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This cleaner also includes HEPA filtration. So if you are an allergen then it can be one of the best choices for you.

Bin Capacity

Bin Capacity is very important when it comes to clean your house with a vacuum cleaner. There are so many vacuum cleaners that have small dustbin. People who have a small to a medium-sized house will be very satisfied with a small bin but what about the people who own a large house? Cleaning a large house is not an easy task. And emptying bin during the cleaning process can be a very annoying thing.

Thanks to the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner which provides a great opportunity for the people of a large house to get a large bin. It includes an XL sized bin or dust cup. So, you will not need to empty your bin during the cleaning process.


As we have already said that this Shark Navigator Plus Vacuum Cleaner that includes the Swivel mode is one of the best cleaners for pet hair, it also includes the right accessories for the pet hair. This cleaner has a Pet Upholstery Tool which is very wide. If will be very comfortable for you to collect pet hair.

It also includes a crevice tool of 5.5 Inch. The dusting brush is also added with this amazing cleaning tool.

What we love most

The XL sized dustbin the most important feature if this vacuum cleaner. This bin can hold up to a large amount of dust and so the people with a large house can take advantage of this XL sized dustbin. It is very lightweight and easily bearable. It also includes a pet upholstery tool for the people who have pets in their house. This cleaner can go with both carpets and hardwood floors.

What can be improved?

This cleaner is expensive than the other vacuum cleaner by Shark. The price is high for the additional feature which it added for the better cleaning performance. This cleaner is a large sized cleaner and it is tough to store this cleaner easily.

Who should get the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro?

If you are a person who has a small to medium-sized house then the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro will be the finest bet for you. This cleaner has a moderate-sized dustbin that can collect a limited amount of dust in it. So if you have large house then you have to ignore it.

People who have a house that has stairs can settle on this vacuum cleaner because Shark Navigator Swivel Pro provides features that can easily clean stairs. If you want something very handy, this will suit your choice. The price is also reasonably low, so if you are searching for a reasonable cleaner then this is the one

Who should get the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus?

If you have a large house then you may find it tough to find the perfect vacuum cleaner for you. If you are searching for large dustbin then the Shark Navigator Swivel Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have for you! It includes an XL sized bin.

This is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners, so if you are searching for something less expensive then you should not get this. If you have enough space in your house to store it and can afford the high price for getting additional feature then go for this cleaner.

We are supporting this guy and he is cleaning out the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro. Watch now!


According to us, all you need to do is make a list of what you want. You requirement will itself bring out the best product for you. The best for all will not be the best for you every time. If you are going to select one vacuum cleaner then know about the floor types, the features and the price details.

If the price is not an important factor for you, then highly recommend the Shark Navigator Swivel Upright Vacuum Cleaner for you as it provides you with newer features.

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