Shark Navigator DLX – NV70, NV71, NV360 and NV42

Shark Navigator DLX review is a trendy topic nowadays. If you are here just to follow the trend, for you there is no vacuum cleaner called shark navigator DLX. ‘Dlx’ is the short form of the term ‘deluxe.’

Well, there does exist a shark vacuum cleaner called shark navigator dlx and the precise model number of that vacuum cleaner is (NV42). It is quite an old one from the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner line-up.

The shark navigator deluxe (NV42) is an old modeled vacuum cleaner from the manufacturing company Shark. Back then, advanced vacuum cleaners like we have today – weren’t available.

Towards the journey of present sophisticated vacuum cleaners, you can say that the shark navigator deluxe was a head start from Shark.

Next vacuum cleaners are the successful successors of the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42).

shark navigator nv71 review

A quick Headstart to the Vacuum Cleaners To Be Reviewed Below

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 – In this article, I reviewed vacuum cleaners of the same line-up.

Shark continuously upgraded itself here and finally introduces us to the final installment of the line-up, the Shark Navigator NV360. It is the best vacuum cleaner in the Shark Navigator Deluxe line-up.

You may proceed to buy it if you are in a hurry and want the best vacuum cleaner discussed here. Check here

Shark Navigator dlx NV70 – if you want the biggest DUST CUP, this is your choice. Be advised that the overall size of this vacuum cleaner is bulky for its big Dust Cup.

Shark Navigator DLX Bagless Upright Vacuum NV71 – If you Do not mind a colorful aesthetic look into your vacuum cleaner, with the biggest DUST CUP – here’s another choice for you.

This is a re-branding of the Shark NV70, which allows the buyer to pick his or her from different colors.

Shark Navigator DLX Reviews of NV70, NV71, NV360 and NV42 Models

Shark Navigator DLX Reviews

1) Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (NV42) Review

Declaration: This is the oldest and the most inconvenient vacuum cleaner from this line-up.

Unless you want to go old school and ornament your home with a historical vacuum cleaner, you might want to check the next reviewed vacuum cleaners.

However, don’t be afraid of the words mentioned above. This vacuum cleaner performs great. There is no doubt about the performance of the shark navigator deluxe (NV42).

No debris will be left. It is bulky in size, and you can get a bigger dust cup by paying a similar price.

Enough chitchat. Let’s delve into what this vacuum cleaner offers.


Without the cord, this vacuum cleaner weighs 15 pounds. Lightweight compared to the contemporary vacuum cleaner while still having a bigger dust cup.

Let me say a word or two about the weight of a vacuum cleaner. If you are not a man or a lone wolf like myself and live all alone yourself, the possibilities are you are a woman or a woman who does all the cleaning at your home.

Do not get me wrong, but women possess less strength than men naturally.

If you cannot maneuver your vacuum cleaner easily for the weight of it, there is no benefit even if your vacuum cleaner is the best one in the universe.

You have to roam around with your vacuum cleaner easily. Otherwise, your vacuum cleaner can’t do the cleaning for you effectively.

So, if you are not comfortable with carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner, I would suggest you go for a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Here’s mentionable, The Shark Navigator Deluxe Lift-AWAY (NV360) weighs less than this model.

Swivel steering:

Did I forget to tell you about swivel steering? I guess I have. Anyway, it is a sheer mechanical demonstration. With the swivel steering, the vacuum cleaner can be twisted from the floor nozzle.

The Swivel Pro vs. Plus – Navigator (Read Now)

navigator dlx SWIVEL STEERING

This brings ease while maneuvering the vacuum cleaner. This is a later feature brought by Shark. You won’t get the conveniences swivel steering offers with the purchase of Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Dust cup size:

You won’t get an XL-sized dust cup here, either. The dust cup comes with shark navigator deluxe nv42 is bigger comparatively other regular-sized vacuum cleaners but when the comparison comes with shark NV350 or the shark NV70, it lacks.

The dust cup size of Shark navigator dlx (NV42) is 1 dry quart.

Hepa filtration:

Hepa filtration is another important feature to talk about in the Shark Navigator dlx filters which are not discussed above.

If you are not aware of the basic vacuum cleaner physics yet, vacuum cleaners suck air into it along with the dirt, store the dirt into the dust cup, and then let the air out of the canister.

The problem is that there are very tiny particles floating around us like allergens.

These get sucked, too, along with other dirt and debris, but the problem is these are so small that they won’t get stored in the dust cup by themselves. These tend to get out in the air again.

To block these tiny allergens from getting out into the air again, filters are used on the air exit pathway.

There is a standard for this filtration system. And the best of it is called HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestance) filter. This type of filter blocks 99.99% of allergens resulting in the cleanest air.

The HEPA filter is not available with Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Lift-AWAY feature:

Told about the Lift-AWAY feature before. You already know what it is. The canister detachment facility is not available with the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42)

Hose length:

Hose length is another important aspect to talk about. You just cannot vacuum-clean every area of your house. There are edges, there are tiny spaces where the whole vacuuming unit won’t fit.

The hose with the vacuum cleaner is the only arsenal you have to clean this area.

If the hose is long enough, you can easily clean spaces like the ceiling or far reached places.

Hose length here is 10 feet.

Cord length:

Cord length also plays an important role. If the cord is short, you won’t be able to conduct a whole cleaning session.

You will have to be interrupted for the short cord, and you will have to change the power socket if you have big rooms in your house.

The cord length of the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) is 25 feet.

Dual settings:

‘Brushroll off’ setting is available for bare floor cleaning. You can easily switch between the bare floor and the carpet mode.

Additional Attachments:

  1. Dusting brush
  2. Crevice tool

Saying again, the vacuum cleaners depicting later form now, is good than the Shark (NV42). Feel free to choose yours from them if you are not an antique collector.

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2) Shark Navigator dlx NV70 Review

This is the upgrade I was talking about. The Shark Navigator dlx NV70 is featured with a very big XL sized dust cup.

You can find out more about this dust cup later. Let’s reveal how it does counting other general issues.


Along with the Shark NV71, this is the heaviest vacuum cleaner here. It weighs 20 pounds.

The bigger dust cup is responsible for that. This vacuum cleaner is more about your preferences.

It’s all about what you want in your vacuum cleaner; if you want the biggest dust cup and does not mind the weight – this is for you. If you do not want a heavy vacuum cleaner, simply do not buy this vacuum cleaner.

Swivel Steering:

The swivel steering feature is available here. As told before, the dust cup is big; big here.

Though it does not weigh that much regarding the size of the vacuum canister, still it will be difficult to maneuver around the vacuum cleaner if the swivel steering feature was not available.

A big plus one for this.

Dust cup size:

The main attraction of this vacuum cleaner lies here. A massive 3 dry quarts dust cup will come with the purchase of the Shark Navigator Dlx NV70.

It is what they call an XL-sized dust cup. If you live in a bigger house and want to clean it all simultaneously, this is for you. It allows you to clean without clearing the dust cup often during the cleaning session.

HEPA filter:

The filter comes with the Shark Navigator dlx NV70 – is one of the HEPA filtration standards maintaining Shark navigator deluxe filters.


The Lift-AWAY feature has still not been introduced here yet. Please refer to the Shark NV360 if you want one with the Lift-AWAY facility.

Hose length:

Like the Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42), you will get a 10 feet long hose here, too.

Cord length:

The cord length is a foot shorter than on the Shark NV42. It is 24 feet. A Feet short of the NV42 and six feet short of the Shark NV360

Dual settings:

Different brushroll settings for both hardwood and carpeted floors are also available here.

You do not have to worry if your home has both types of surfaces. You can easily switch between the bare floor and carpet mode.

Additional attachments:

  1. Wide Pet Upholstery Tool
  2. Dusting brush
  3. A 5.5” crevice tool

If you want the biggest dust cup, this is the one for you.

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3) Review: Shark Navigator DLX Bagless Upright Vacuum – NV71

As said before, actually, there is no vacuum cleaner named Shark navigator dlx. It was Shark navigator deluxe.

Since dlx is the shorter form of ‘deluxe’ and the term ‘Shark navigator dlx’ got so much popular, there is indeed a modified version of Shark Navigator NV70 is available on Amazon.

It is a Shark Navigator DLX vacuum cleaner that is modeled NV71.

Every feature and aspect is the same as the Shark Navigator NV70 here. There are some minor changes in appearance.

Like the Shark NV70, the weight is the same. You will get a big XL-sized 3 dry quarts dust cup. HEPA filter implemented.

Like the NV70, you won’t get the Lift-AWAY feature.

The hose length is also 10 feet. Swivel steering enabled maneuverability.

The only change from the NV70 is its appearance. These are re-designed and the new color combination is quite impressive I’d rather say if the question arose into your mind that why distributing a whole new model whilst every features and specification are the same as its predecessor.

There are three color options available:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Bordeaux

The Bordeaux one is a personal favorite of mine.

Additional attachments:

  1. Wide Pet Upholstery Tool
  2. Dusting brush
  3. A 5.5” crevice tool

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4) Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Review

This is the complete Shark Navigator deluxe vacuum cleaner. However, the dust cup size is not as big as it were in the NV70 and NV71.

But the weight is way much reduced here. And this was the main goal of the Shark Navigator deluxe vacuum cleaners.

Consumers can get the benefit of a big dust cup without carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner around.

Let’s get into the details


Told that it is light comparing other vacuum cleaners on this list. It weighs only 13 pounds. The NV42 and the NV70 weighed 15 and 20 pounds respectively.

Swivel steering:

This is the most advanced vacuum cleaner here; what do you think? Of course, swivel steering can be enjoyed while cleaning with this vacuum cleaner.

Dust cup size:

Time to know the exact measurement of the dust cup. You will get a 1.2 dry quarts dust cup with the purchase of Shark navigator deluxe NV360.

For your ease of comparing, recall the dust cup size of the previous vacuum cleaners again. 1 dry quart in the Shark NV42 and 2.9 dry quarts in the Shark NV70.

HEPA filter:

HEPA filters are also available here, but I think it is the best among the previously stated shark navigator deluxe filters. The placement design of the filter is the reason behind it.

Getting interested? Check more features at


Only Lift-AWAY feature enabled vacuum cleaner of this list. You can detach the canister anytime to make the vacuum cleaner easier to use under the furniture.

If you live in a multi-storied building and have only one vacuum cleaner to cover the whole house – it seems like you have to carry the vacuum cleaner to the upper floor.

Now picture this, which will be easier? Carrying the vacuum cleaner by holding the vacuum cleaner like you hold a baby into your lap or detaching the canister, holding the canister in one hand and carrying the vacuum wand with the other?

The lift-AWAY feature not only allows you to clean more efficiently under the furniture, but it also allows you to carry the vacuum around more conveniently too.

Hose length:

You will get the longest hose here. It is 12 feet long—another reason to get one.

Cord length:

The Shark NV360 also has the longest cord among the vacuum cleaners described here. It is 30 feet.

Additional attachments:

You will get the most advanced Shark navigator DLX parts accessories if you buy the Shark NV360. You will get

  1. A pet power brush
  2. A dusting brush
  3. A 5.5” crevice tool

See the pet power brush? Yes, this is new and is not offered with the previous vacuum cleaners. It is a special attachment tool for pet hairs. If you have pets that shed a lot, you need this.

It is like a mini floor nozzle with a tiny brushroll within it.

The Shark NV360 itself does great picking pet hair up. But the problem is the upholstery. Pets seem to love your that couch, and eventually, there are pet hairs.

What do you do now? You cannot lift the whole vacuum cleaner on the couch, right?

The pet power brush comes in handy in this kind of situation. Attach it to the hose, and then clean. Easy, a walk-in-the-park solution.

So, the verdict? The Shark NV360 is the one you should buy if you do not have other special requirements.

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Why The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV360 is The Best Model Here?

It is because the Shark authority wanted it to. A good vacuum cleaner is not generated overnight. It is produced by revoking the issues of the previous models.

Checking the Timeline described below out will clear things up.

Navigator Deluxe:

Back then, bagless vacuum cleaners weren’t something that was commonly seen. Most of the available vacuum cleaners were bagged and those which were bagless have small dust cups.

The manufacturer did want to make the dust cup bigger, but this activity affected the overall weight of the vacuum cleaner.

The company, Shark wanted to dismiss this dilemma once and for all – by creating one all in all vacuum cleaner that can give its owner the deluxe feeling of having a bigger dust cup whilst maintaining the vacuum cleaner lightweight and easy to navigate.

Thus the term ‘Navigator Deluxe’ was introduced to people, towards lightweight vacuum cleaners with bigger dust cups.

The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) was the very first installment of this line-up.

Navigator Deluxe Lift-AWAY:

The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) was the leading guide of lightweight yet bigger dust cup-enriched vacuum cleaners, but it had its limitations.

As told before, this specific model guided the innovation of lightweight vacuum cleaners, but it was not perfect.

People commented that the dust cup was not big enough. Things would be better if the dust cup were bigger.

And the second most complaint we heard was the size of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner was bulky in size, and it did not fit under pieces of furniture.

To rescue users from these fixes, two successors is launched by Shark CO. Firstly the Shark navigator dlx NV70 was introduced, and the Shark Navigator dlx Lift-away (NV360) was brought later on.

The shark navigator dlx NV70 has a very big dust cup. An XL-sized dust cup, that’s what they say.

But the other problem persisted, and that is its big size of it.

Without sacrificing the big dust cup to maintain a sleek and minimalist structure that would fit under home appliances – Shark brought a breakthrough.

They brought a huge mechanical innovation. They invented a vacuum cleaner where the canister can be detached from the vacuum wand.

Now the problem is solved. You can just detach the canister and vacuum under little spaces beneath the furniture by the vacuum wand.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away dlx has the privilege of lifting up the canister, this feature is named ‘Lift-AWAY’.

Shop Shark NV360 now at

Shark Navigator Deluxe Manuals

Let me say a few words about shark navigator dlx manuals that will be coming with your vacuum cleaner.

Ever minded the saying whenever you try to buy a vacuum cleaner – “Refer to the User Manual before use” (The ultimate shark vacuum troubleshooting guide)

We often ignore the saying, but we shouldn’t have. The manual is like the documented version of your newly purchased vacuum cleaner.

Before powering it up, please see the manual for first use. Check if there is any special thing to do before going all in.

This is a universal task for all vacuum cleaners. Different vacuum cleaner manufacturers apply different types of technologies, and there may lie special instructions in the user manual. Check it, don’t throw it away.

The verdict

I’ve already exposed the verdict. Buy the Shark Navigator Deluxe Lift-AWAY (NV360).

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