How to Pick the Best Shark Steam Mop in 2022?

Are you searching for an up-to-the-minute cleaning solution for your house?

Do you stay busy the whole day, and mopping kills too much time? To aid you with the best mopping solution, Steam Mops are here. That’s why I have come up with a shark steam mop reviews guide.

You can use them on your tiles floor and hardwoods. You can also try them in the laminates.

For your ease, we are bringing the best shark steam mops before you. Compared to the other brands in the market, Shark has always stood in an elevated position.

This brand is considered one of the top-notch brands in the market regarding cleaning.

Thus we decided to review the steam mops of Shark for your convenience. Shark Steam Mops Reviews will clarify which one is the best of all!

Common Features of Shark Steam Mops Variants

  • Cleaning Pads along with Dual Sided Pads
  • Steam Cleaning Options
  • Water Tank (mostly removable)
  • Steam Blaster Options
  • Different Steam Modes
  • Multiple Accessories for cleaning
  • Touch-free nature
  • Long power cord
  • 2-year warranty

Why should you choose Shark Steam Mops over other Brands?

Choosing any Steam Mop is not an easy task. You have to pay a high amount to buy a mop that provides you with a steam facility.

Steam mops are always better than regular mops as it uses the power of heat to clean your floor.

As Shark is one of the most dangerous species in water, named as Shark, Shark Steam Mops are the most dangerous enemy of dirt and dust in your house.

It will clean up everything and make your house look dirt free.

We have already said that Shark by Euro-Pro is one of the leading brands of steam mops. They keep innovating newer technologies and introducing them to us.

And we love their innovative technologies and amazing features. The products are very easy to use. These steam mops are great in qualities like versatility, accessories, steam output, and power switch, and the list is long!

Let us know in detail why these Shark Steam Mops are the best deal for you!


Whenever you are going to buy any steam mop, first you have to understand the floor type of your house. Different types of floors will react differently when you are using steam mops.

If any steam mops leave additional water on your floor, then you will end up damaging your floor.

The Steam Mops by Shark is the best choice for any kind of floor. These are exceptional cleaners and will soak up everything from any kind of floor.

You will get a range of options while choosing your steam mops, as Shark has a huge collection of the best mops for you.

Power Cord and Battery

If you have a big house, then the cord length is an important fact. If you want to clean a large house, then you have to take your cleaner everywhere, and if the cord length is short, then you will face difficulty.

Thanks to the long cord length of the Shark Steam Mops. You can take it anywhere and everywhere!

The Battery works for a long period if you do not use the steam blaster or other additional options.

Steam Blaster Option

There is an option in the Shark Steam Mops named Steam Blaster. This option will allow you to use double heat to clean the stubborn and aged spots of your house with high heat.

These mops do not bear any chemicals, and so you, your children, and your pets are safe in every way!

Steam Levels

There are some Steam Mops by Shark then provide you the opportunity to select among different steam levels.

You can go for LOW steam, MEDIUM steam, or HIGH with these mops. These levels are also named DUST, MOP, and SCRUB in some Shark Mops. So, Shark will clean the regular dust to the most stubborn dirt in your house fluently.


There is no need to explain the performance of Shark Steam Mops in a different segment. It cleans better than any other steam mop.

It has a Dual-Sided brush for cleaning the edges. They have got a range of multiple accessories that will fuel up your cleaning process. The cleaning pads are amazing, and these mops are touch-free.

You can control them with the iHome App very easily. Even when you are not at home, they will take care of the home devotedly. Most of the water tanks that are added with the Shark Seam Mops are removable, which makes your work easier.

The average warranty of all the Shark Steam Mops is 2 years which itself proves the quality of the steam mops. So, hygiene lovers, Shark Steam Mop is a MUST-HAVE for you. Grab it soon!

Best Shark Steam Mops Reviews

shark steam mop reviews


1) Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop Review

SharkNinja Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop


  • Weight: 22 Pounds (Shipping Weight 11.25) 
  • The capacity of the Tank: 16.9 ounces
  • Steam blaster
  • Removable steamer body
  • Contains 2 pads for side cleaning

Do you remember the Shark Lift-Away Vacuum Line? Yes! Just like that, this Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop does it work ideally.

This Shark steamer turns into a mop that is handheld. This device helps in cleaning countertops and in pressing garments. It also aids you in getting the annoying wrinkle that makes your curtains dirty.

Most steamers provide you with only one steam level, but this is not the case with this Shark Life-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop. It affords you 3 different levels of steam.

The first one is DUST, which helps you to remove the regular dust from your floor and other places.

The second steam level is MOP which allows you perfect mopping when your floor is dirty. The third steam level is SCRUB.

This one is the high power that will aid you in removing the toughest dirt from your home. The sticky and stubborn dirt will be cleaned by this Lift-Away Shark Steam Mop Professional.

As the name goes by, this steam mop is a real PRO if you judge it by its work. Steaming the entire home will require only this Shark Steam Mop.

With this Lift-Away Steamer, you get a portable steamer to clean your house properly. Not only this, but it also has one separate steamer, which is handheld.

The other thing we have to mention is the chemical-free nature of this steam mop. They do not use any kind of chemicals while cleaning.

You will not only clean but also sanitize your house if you are with this Shark product.

SharkNinja Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

What we love

Is cleaning the dirty mop pad tough for you? If you are like this, then get one Lift-Away for you soon.

With this steam mop, you will avoid touching the mop pad while cleaning it. You can effortlessly change the dirty mob pad, and you can wash the pad.

This Shark Steam Mop has the ability to revolve its head around. Spinning will allow you to make the two sides of that cloth dirt free.

The signature attribute of the Shark Steam Mop is the Steam Blaster, and this feature is also included in the Lift-Away Professional Version of this brand. Extra heat will lead to extra cleaning.

We cannot forget that this model provides you with a handheld mode. With this mode, you can easily take your steamer here and there and clean your whole house.

Now cleaning the curtains and backsplashes is not tough. The countertops, underwear, and glass can also be made dirt-free with the help of this Lift-Away Pro.

What we dislike

This mop will help you in so many ways but as we know, there are always some negative aspects too.

People often get tired while cleaning. If you need to pause for a moment, then the steamer will automatically not stop.

You have to prop your mop between the furniture, or you have to give them the support of a counter if you want to rest for some time.

Though it provides you with a handheld mode, this mode of the mop will not afford you the continuous steaming mode.


2) Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop


  • Weight: 9.67 lbs
  • The capacity of the Tank: 13 ounces
  • Convertible to handheld
  • Dual-sided pads
  • Accessories for cleaning

As the vacuums can turn into a handheld, the steamers are now following them and turning them into handheld for easy cleaning.

Do you want to sanitize everything? If it is the flu season, settle on the Shark Blast & Scrub. It has the 2-in-1 steaming method, and it will allow you to make everything dirt free.

From the cushions to the curtains, the floor to the ceiling, everything can be cleaned with the amazing power of this Shark Steam Mop.

It has dual-sided pads, which afford you to clean it for a long time. It also makes your work faster. The cleaning head of this device is rectangular, and it aids in quicker steaming.

Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop

What we like

This mop can take care of the entire house. It has a handheld option, so you can take it anywhere to clean anything.

Counterparts and backsplashes, everything can be made dirt free if you know the proper use of this steam mop. You also get several handheld accessories with this mop.

As it has dual-sided pads, cleaning the dirty pads gets easy.

What we dislike

This product has a range of accessories with it, and this can also be a drawback for this Shark Mop.

Storage is an issue when it comes to storing the accessories. It cannot stand on its own as it has dual-sided pads, and it can fall easily.


3) Shark Steam & Spray Professional Mop

Shark Steam and Spray Professional mop


  • Weight: 10.58 lbs.
  • The capacity of Tank: 12 ounces
  • 3 different modes
  • Swivel steering
  • Removable cord and easy storage

This PRO version of Shark Steam Mop is a Professional mop for your house. This mop provides you with the opportunity to use it in 3 different modes.

The modes are Steam-only mode, Steam & Spray Mode, and Spray-only mode. It has a removable power cord, so you can easily take it here and there for your convenience. The Spray mode is used for battery power.

This Shark Steam Mop Professional is easy to use if you have a small house or are cleaning a small place. The battery mode makes it portable.

What we like

It includes a washable microfiber pad. The pads are easy to wash, and you can also settle on tap water while using this. It is very lightweight, and the 3 steam settings ensure ideal steaming.

What we dislike

It is made up of small places. If you have a large house, then refilling the water in the device will be an issue for you. The cleanser provided with the device is not of high quality.


4) Shark Ninja Original Light & Easy Steam Mop (S3101)

Shark Original Steam Mop


  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • The capacity of Tank: 7.4 ounces
  • Gets hot in 30 seconds
  • It can get hot up to 95 degree
  • The length of cord is 18 ft.

This steam mop named Light and Easy is very easy to use, and anyone can find it comfortable to use.

It includes a washable microfiber pad. The pads can easily trap the dirt and result in locking the dirt and dust.

The best part about this steaming mop is it heats up so fast. It only requires 30 seconds, and it can get high up to 95 degrees.

The faster heating process gears up your cleaning activity, and the high heat makes your house dirt-free accurately.

The cord is designed for small to medium houses. The cleaner is also very lightweight, and you can bear it easily.

What we like

The fact we light about this Shark Steam Mop is its lightweight nature. It lights up the name of the mop! It is very easy to carry anywhere and easy to operate.

If storing steam mops are tough for you, then this is what you are searching for. You can store this mop anywhere in your confined area.

What we dislike

The cord length is one of the major drawbacks of this steamer if you have a big house. The cord of 18 ft. cannot cover your whole house.

If you want to use this steam mop in a bigger house, then get an additional electric cord for it. The capacity of the tanks is also less.


5) Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner S1000A

Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner


  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Capacity of Tank: XL
  • Includes 2 dirt grip pads
  • Length of cord is 18 ft.
  • Steam gets ready within 30 seconds.
  • Provides Steam on-demand

This Steam Mop is remarkable in cleaning your floor in a super hygienic way. The power is steam is indulged in this mop so amazingly. No residue and no chemicals can touch you if you are with this mop.

It includes a large water tank. You can easily rely on the full water and clean your whole house!

The size is compact, so there are no worries regarding storing this effective Shark Steam Mop. The lightweight nature allows you to carry this mop anywhere in your house.

What we like

This Shark Steam Mop is best for cleaning HARD-FLOOR. This does not only clean but also sanitizes your whole house as if there were no dirt at all! This mop is maneuverable and light in weight.

Bearing the cleaner will not be difficult.

If you have grease and grime on your floor, then go for this undoubtedly. It will remove all those intractable spots in your house. The water tank is removable, and so you can easily pour water inside it.

What we dislike

For cleaning a large area, you will require more than 2 dirt pads. You have to buy those pads separately.

The pads usually get too dirty. You cannot wash them in the washing machine. You have to use your hands.


6) Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop


  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • The length of the power cord is 22 ft.
  • Includes two mop heads (rectangle + triangle)
  • Contains filling flask

This Shark Steam Mop has a rectangular mop head, along with another head that is triangle shaped.

These heads allow you to clean every sector of your house with proper steam. It can go to any corner of your floor and make it dirt free.

It has got a POCKET pad which is also triangle-shaped. It is washable and easy to use. It includes a filling flask so that you can pour water. The power cord is 22 ft. which suits every size of the house.

What we like

The positive facts about this Shark Steam Mop are it is exceptionally professional and versatile. It has 3 different steam levels for providing a sufficient amount of steam to your floor.

The rectangular mop head cleans the middle portion of your house, whereas the triangle head can clean all the corners devotedly.

Every pad has the option of double-sided cleaning. It gets hot in only 30 seconds and can sanitize your home in minutes!

What we dislike

As it is made for hard floors, it will work perfectly there. The only drawback is related to cleaning the carpet. While using it on the carpet, you may feel some difficulties. It may seem a little gimmicky.


Do the steam mops deserve the hype? Yes, they do. But you have to select the best mop for you.

Every brand will not provide you with the ideal features along with proper cleaning, so you have to be very careful choosing your steam mop.

We all know that this is difficult to select between hundreds of brands in the market, but steam mop is not something that any user buys frequently.

The price of the Shark Steam Mops is a little high. But after reading our shark steam mop reviews, you will find a mop that fits in your pocket.

The devices are highly durable, and they will provide the best features in the market.

If you follow the Shark Steam Mop instructions, the steam mops will serve you for years. We highly recommend Shark Steam Mops.

Enjoy reading