Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Review – Which Model Is Best For you?

Shark has added a new member to its Rocket line – the DeluxePro. The essence of DeluxePro is to bridge the shortcomings of the classic Rocket and deliver a superior experience.

The new additions in this model look very promising for a vacuum cleaner of its price. DeluxePro has several intriguing versions to match the ever-versatile needs of its users.

In this article, we will do a complete Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro review including all its variants.

Here, some amazing features that vacuums of shark DeluxePro series offer are given. By going through them, you can get a clear picture of them.

After that, specifications of the members listed under the Shark DeluxePro are also given nevertheless. The summary of the whole article, is in fact, given first though. I am sure you’ll find that interesting too. So, dig deep below, won’t you?

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Variants – Which suits you the most?

Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV320 – This is the entrance to Shark Rocket DeluxePro Vacuum cleaner series. If you need to clean upholstery a lot, this is yours. A wide upholstery tool is included, wide tool means less pass to clean the whole curtain or the couch.

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Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321 – This Shark Rocket DeluxePro is for you if you basically do Hard floor a lot. Hard floor hero attachment makes the cleaning session more efficient, less pass to clean the hard floor totally, means less time and less effort.

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Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV322 – This DeluxePro variant comes with a multi-angle dust brush. A must-have if you use ceiling fans. The upper side of the fan is a host of dust, you’ll need angled dust brush to vacuum that crucial area. Hard floor attachment is also available. You’ll also get a pet-multi tool that does the basic pet hair cleaning job. If you don’t want to get after pet hair that hard, its perfect choice for you, otherwise please see the next one (HV323).

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Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV323 – Heaven for attachment lovers! You will get all type of attachments here. This is the perfect choice for large homeowners filled with a variety of confrontation. Hardwood, carpet and especially a lot of pet hair. A lot of hair shedding problem? the motorized truepet tool is the most efficient solution for upholstery pet hair cleaning till now.

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Shark Rocket DeluxePro UV330 – This one is the most sophistically designed vacuum cleaner among all of the Shark Rocket DeluxePro variants. This vacuum cleaner can be flexed from the middle portion, you won’t need to bend your back while trying to clean under furniture. A must-have vacuum cleaner for senior citizens.

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Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Review – Explore The Best Features

Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro review

Before we start analyzing every feature and its worth, let’s go over the Shark Rocket DeluxePro’s listed specifications first.

Features Information
Weight 8 pounds
Power 500 watts
Surface Types Bare floors, carpeted floors, walls and ceilings
Dust cup capacity 0.22 gallons
Handheld Yes
Swivel Steering Yes
Cord Length 30’
Power ON/OFF No
Suction Control Yes, 2 settings
Filtration 2 washable foam filters
Hard floor Genie Yes
Crevice Tool Yes, 12”
Pet Upholstery Tool Yes
Car Detail Kit No
Mattress tool No
Dusting Brush Yes
Wall mount Yes
Headlight Yes
Onboard accessories clip Yes
Warranty 5 years

If you want a better understanding of how all these features tie up together, read our in-depth review of the DeluxePro below.


The DeluxePro variants differ from each other mainly by the accessories that they come with. We will discuss the unique attachments of each version near the end.

All Shark Rocket DeluxePro variants include a generous set of accessories. In a whole, you will get these.

  • Handheld portion
  • Motorized floor brush
  • Hard floor genie
  • Dusting brush
  • Upholstery tool
  • 12” crevice tool
  • Onboard accessories clip
  • Extension Wand
  • Wall mount
Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro accessories

You will not get every attachment mentioned above with the purchase of any variant of the Shark Rocke DeluxePro vacuum cleaners. Please check carefully before what accessories you will get before ordering one.

Build & Design

The Shark Rocket DeluxePro has a very maneuverable weight for a stick vacuum at just under 8 pounds. The dimensions are 47.5" high x 10.25" wide x 13" deep.

There is an ergonomic handle on the top for ease of use. Just ahead of it, there is a control for adjusting speed to your liking.

The DeluxePro comes with a 30 feet power cord. The length is a big advantage while cleaning larger rooms such as halls.

The power cord does not have an auto rewind feature though. If you are clumsy, chances are you will trip over the cords every once in a while. We would have preferred if it were a cordless vacuum.

Apart from this, DeluxePro has a convenient design overall. It can be transformed into a handheld for cleaning above the floor – furniture, walls, and ceilings.

It has ten bright headlights at the floor base allowing for easy dust spotting in dimly lit areas. Shark has included its swivel steering feature in the DeluxePro as well, for easy navigation.

Our rating: 7.5/10


The Shark Rocket DeluxePro requires an input power of 120 volts and produces a power of 500 air watts. Since you have to plug the vacuum into a power socket, it rids you of the troubles of replacing and running out of battery.

It uses a cyclonic technology that claims to maintain the original suction power throughout the stick vacuum’s lifetime. Many users have vouched for that as well.

The vacuum cleaner indeed delivers a powerful suction.

Our rating: 8/10

Cleaning Performance

Shark Rocket DeluxePro comes with a variety of tools. For bare and hard floors, Shark has included the dusting tool and hard floor genie.

The dusting tool can be used to remove debris from all surfaces, including hard floors and carpets. Remember to run the DeluxePro on setting 1 while cleaning hard floors so it does not damage the floor with excessive suction.

The specialized hard floor tool, the hard floor genie, comes attached to a washable microfiber cloth. On the upside, it wipes the floor without leaving behind any scratch marks. On the downside, it can get dirty rather quickly so you have to pause and wash it.

It has the motorized floor brush to work on carpets. The brush can dig deep into carpeted surfaces and clean out dust. If you want to clean your carpets and rugs with non-electric attachments, set the power setting to max suction to get the most out of it. Users have deemed the DeluxePro’s performance on carpets and rugs more than satisfactory.

If you have pets at home, you can use the upholstery tool to pick up pet fur out of bedding, carpets and upholsteries. Pet hair on bare floors can be cleaned with the dusting brush.

You can convert the stick body of the vacuum to a handheld to clean furniture and walls. For places out of your hand’s reach, Shark has included a 12” crevice tool in the DeluxePro. The crevice tool’s convenient length allows it to clean as high as the ceilings.

Our rating: 7.5/10


Shark has incorporated two foam filters inside the DeluxePro. Many vacuum buyers have a noticeable preference of Hyper-Efficient Particulate Air filters because they tend to block out allergens.

Though the cyclonic technology captures a lot of dust particles, we would have preferred the HEPA filters too. If you have allergic residents at your home, you should consider a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters.

The foam filters of the DeluxePro have the possibility of getting clogged at times. Unfortunately, there are no indicators to let you know when that happens. To prevent clogging, it is recommended that you wash them once a month.

Our rating: 6/10

Bin Capacity and Maintenance


The bin volume of the Shark Rotator DeluxePro is twice as much as the classic Rotator. At 0.22 gallons, the bin is large enough if you have a small apartment. If you vacuum 2 to 3 average-sized rooms at a time, the dust cup has your back for the whole session.

Yet compared to its competitors, 0.22 gallons does not seem much. If you attempt to clean multiple rooms with larger cleaning areas, the dust cup will fill up at some point before you finish.

For larger cleaning spaces and messier situations, taking trips to the garbage can becomes inevitable.

You have to manually clean out the dust cup, though it is somewhat convenient. There are latches on both sides of the dust cup base to eject the dust cup. Take it over to the trash can and press the button on the front. The bottom door of the cup will fling open to dump dust into the trash can.

Our rating: 6/10

Ease of Use

Due to its heavy motor, Shark Rotator DeluxePro cannot stand on its own. You would have to hold it in a standing position while vacuuming.

The swivel steering is handy. It is capable of turning the floor base to 45-degree angles but not 90 degrees, unlike the Dysons. It takes a bit more effort to cover all parts of the floor.

The onboard attachments clip was intended to make detaching and reattaching tools on the cleaner head easier. It does not truly serve its purpose. You have to use both hands to make use of the clip.

The tube is plastic-made and has to be handled with care.

Assembling the vacuum cleaner is easy. But storing it away requires disassembling it which could have been avoided.

Maintenance is fairly easy but once in a blue moon, the motor can get clogged. If that happens, it will block suction and need to be attended immediately.

We have no complaints about the crevice tool and headlights.

The wall mount is a smart storage solution in terms of saving space.

Our rating: 7/10

Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Awesome carpet cleaning abilities
  • Hygienic dust cup maintenance
  • Long cord
  • Long crevice tool
  • Extension hose
  • Swivel Steering
  • ‘Never fading’ suction
  • Bright headlights
  • Convenient wall mount


  • No auto cord rewinding feature
  • No full bin indicators
  • Relatively small dust cup
  • No HEPA filters
  • Cannot stand on its own
  • No height adjustment options
  • No power ON/OFF switch

Shark Rocket DeluxePro – Variants

Shark Rotator has a number of variants in Amazon. They all share the same core specifications. We will offer a brief description that tells you how each model differs from the rest. They mainly carry different color shades and accessories.

If you ask - what are the changes? These changes hold not that much of an importance. But only one model, modeled at number UV330 should attract your vision as it is totally changed from its other brothers to be mentioned here.

Please take a closer look while reading the review segment of the Shark Rocket DeluxePro (UV330) below.

1. Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV320

Shark hv320

That is the base DeluxePro model we just discussed above. It comes in green color.


  1. Dusting Brush
  2. 12" Crevice Tool
  3. Wide Pet Upholstery Tool

Check price and more images here >>>

2. Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321

Shark hv321

The DeluxePro HV321 is changed from its previous model HV320 in both color and attachments. The HV321 comes in lavender color.


  1. Dusting Brush
  2. 5" Crevice Tool
  3. Upholstery Tool
  4. Hard Floor Hero

From the accessories here, what really mentionable is the attachment called 'Hard floor hero'. I admit the name is a bit verbose, ha ha. but it does what it is intended to do.

Recent Shark vacuum cleaners have dual brushroll installed within the floor nozzle to ensure perfect carpet cleaning along with the most efficient hard floor cleaning. The thing is, if the hard bristled brush continues to keep rolling, the dirt scatters on hard floors resulting inconveniences.

That's where the role of a soft brushroll appears. It agitates the dirt little enough to suck efficiently without scattering.

In the older models, there aren't two brushroll. To mechanically agitate the dirt, the hard floor hero attachment comes in handy.

Check price and more images here >>>

3. Shark Rocket DeluxePro TruePet HV322

Shark hv322

This variant of the DeluxePro series especially targets pet owners, hence the nickname ‘TruePet’. It comes with a pet multi-tool that picks up pet hair and loose debris with remarkable efficiency. For deeper cleaning in handheld more, this tool can prove to be useful.

You will be introduced with another truepet attachment called the additional TruePet mini motorized tool short next, which is more effective than the pet-multi tool. Anyway, you will get only the pet multi-tool here.


  1. Pet Multi-Tool
  2. Duster Crevice Tool
  3. Hard Floor Hero
  4. Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

Check price and more images here >>>

4. Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV323

Shark hv323

This is sort of an unofficial version of the Shark Rocket DeluxePRO series. The HV323 is a bit more expensive and more armored with tools than the HV322. It has the Dust-away hard floor attachment which the most effective hard floor attachment by Shark.

It has the TruePet’s mini motorized brush and also a new attachment – the additional TruePet mini motorized tool.


  1. Dust-AWAY hard floor attachment
  2. TruePet mini motorized tool
  3. Pet multi-tool
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Wall mount

The mini motorized tool is totally different from the pet multi-tool. It is way more efficient while picking up pet hairs. It is like a very tiny vacuum cleaner head enriched with all aspects which a full-sized vacuum cleaner has.

Inside it, a very tiny brush roll is present which is motorized. You might already find such pet tool attachment, but here's mentionable that regular such pet tool doesn't have motor power powering behind it.

The brush roll rotates with the aid of pure suction power and for that, if the couch of yours is too smushy, the tiny brushroll will be impeded from rotating. While this type of pet tool does not because the brush roll rotates hair with motor power.

If you have multiple pets at home or a serious hair shedding problem, this vacuum cleaner will make sure your home is spared of all the hair.

Check price and more images here >>>

5. Shark Rocket DeluxePro UV330

Shark uv330

Remember I said that the Shark Rocket DeluxePro series has an odd child. Well, here it is. The Shark Rocket DeluxePro UV330.

It is the only vacuum cleaner of this series with multi-flex technology. This technology allows the stick portion or what we call, the vacuum wand necessarily loose structure from the middle.

What good it does? It allows you to sneak the vacuum cleaner under furniture with ease, without having you to bend your back.

shark ionflex under furniture

To know more about the Multi-Flex technology, check here.


  1. Hard floor hero
  2. Duster crevice tool
  3. Upholstery tool

Check price and more images here >>>

Not sure whether you really want the multi-flex technology? well, I don't blame you, its a new innovation and it is yet to be figured if it is for you or not. To try it first, you can try a refurbished one with way much-reduced price.

Please Check here for the refurbished one

N:B: Please be advised - A Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a manufacturer or specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. All products are backed by a minimum 90-day warranty

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Whom is Shark Rocket DeluxePro Best Suited to?

To be honest, you should only go for the DeluxePro series if you don’t mind a bit of manual labor.

Since the dust cup is small, chances are you will have to empty it during cleaning sessions. If you get the variants with specialized pet tools, the vacuum cleaner will pick up more hair and dust thus fill the dust cup even quicker. Assembling and disassembling requires physical work on your part too.

If HEPA filtration is a must for you, the DeluxePro does not live up to the criteria. There are a lot of available options in amazon with HEPA filters, like Dyson. But those are a bit more expensive as well.

On the other hand, if you have trouble with visibility, we recommend you get the DeluxePro because of the terrific headlights.

If your floor is covered with carpets and thick rugs, the DeluxePro will be able to give them a good cleaning on a regular basis.

If your cleaning needs go far beyond the floor to walls, furniture and ceilings, Shark Rocket DeluxePro is an excellent choice at a reasonable price.

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Final Thoughts

The DeluxePro’s cleaning capabilities are up to the mark, we have to admit that. It is an efficient vacuum cleaner that comes with a 5-year warranty and good value.

If you have read the full Shark Rotator DeluxePro review, you already know its strengths and weaknesses. We would like to add that it could be thought of as an alternative to Dyson DC59 at a cheaper price.

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