Shark ION Robot 720 VS 750 – Comparison guide

Shark Ninja, one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners, introduced us with their two best cleaners Shark ion Robot 750 and Shark ion Robot 720. Comparing to any other brands, these are considered to be one of the best vacuum cleaners.

When it comes to making a comparison between the best products of the same brands, it may be a little difficult as both of them are best. The features of these models are more or less same but we have found some slight differences between them that can matter for perfect cleaning.

Shark ion Robot 720 vs. 750! It seems tough.

Still, we are going to present the basic details of Shark ion Robot 720 and 750 for your convenience so that you can decide which one you should take!

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What is Ion Robot?

shark Ion Robot

The vacuum cleaners that are designed as traditional vacuum cleaners but work as robot vacuum cleaners are by Shark are called ion Robot Cleaners.

These are manufactured by the SharkNinja. These vacuum cleaners have ion battery and these can work just like a human being. These cleaner has got sensors and they can feel if any obstacles are before them or not.

They can find their own way and clean the house by itself. They can work according to the schedule too.

These ion vacuum cleaners can go back to charging themselves whenever they get to know that their battery is running low.


Shark ION Robot Reviews – Comparison Between Shark ion Robot 720 and 750

Shark ION Robot Reviews

There is serious competition going on between the two best ion Robots in the market. But what would you do when the competition is between the two cleaners of the same brand?

Yes, the SharkNinja! It has launched such dynamic cleaners that will leave you mesmerized and you will be unable to choose between the models because each of them is better than the other!

To make a proper comparison between these two top-notch models of SharkNinja, we are going to talk about the Shark ion Robot 720 first and then we will explain the Shark ion Robot 750.

Let us begin!

Shark ion Robot 720 Reviews

Shark ion Robot 720 Reviews

The Shark ion Robot 720 is such a cleaner that is able to clean your floor with the power of the robot vacuum. This is launched before the ion Robot 750. Let us know the details of the cleaner.

shark ion robot 720 navigation

The Shark ion Robot (RV 720) has got a navigation technology that is sensor-based. This cleaner uses its sensor to clean your house properly.

With the use of this technology, this ion Robot can work by itself finding its own way out for cleaning.

Do you have low-pile carpets in your house?

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Do not worry if you have the Shark ion Robot 720 at your home. It does not only clean the bare floors but also involves its technology to clean up the carpets of this type.

This amazing cleaner has the Proximity Sensor. This allows the cleaner to understand where the walls, furniture, upholsteries, and other elements are.

It can use this sensor and can be careful when it moves. This will save you from a lot of damage because most cleaner does not have this sensor.

As a result, they have chances of not understanding where the obstacles. They bump into them causing severe damage to your house and furniture.

It can go under a range of furniture so that it can do its cleaning work below them. Even if you have low-line furniture, this Shark ion Robot 720 will go underneath them and make it dirt-free.

Cleaning Method

The Shark ion Robot 720 comes with one main brush. The main brush is large. It will aid you whenever you are cleaning as it loosens the dust and dirt from the floor. The pattern of the main brush is Helix. The strong bristles of the brush can loosen any kind of dust and dirt easily. For this kind of bristle, this brush is capable of picking up more debris and hair from the floor.

Are you tired of cleaning? Get a Shark ion Robot 720 cleaner. Thanks to the self-cleaning brush by Shark Ninja, this will do a lot of work from your section. This technology lets the cleaner untangle hair and manage hair by itself. You do not need to maintain the brush roll in a regular manner.

The main brush of this model is balanced by the other two brushes on the two sides. It does the work of extending the coverage. The brushes that are attached on the two sides of the main brush have the ability to spin. In this way, sweeping and cleaning get easier when you want the corners of the wall cleaned.

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HEPA Filters

shark ion robot hepa filters

The dust and the dirt are basically collected in the dirt bin. Guarding the dirt is very crucial and the HEPA filter does this job incredibly.

This dust and dirt can easily get out again and get into the air. It this re-circulation happens, then people who are suffering from allergen and asthma can face severe difficulties.

The HEPA filter refers to High-Efficiency Particulate Air and this filter is considered to be one of the best filters if compared to the other cleaners.

By trapping around 99.97% of the pollen, dirt, and other particles, this filter is a leader.

Remote Control

The Shark ion Robot 720 has a feature of remote control included. With this cleaner, scheduling, spot cleaning, and docking are easier than any other cleaners.

This remote control feature includes scheduling which will allow you to schedule your cleaner to clean your house every day. With the help of this feature, you can also activate the spot cleaning method. Not only this, but you also get the opportunity to manually dock it!

Anti-drop Sensors

With the other technologies, this Shark ion Robot (RV720) model has got the anti-drop sensors. This sensor will allow you to the stairs and doors. As a result, it will stop your cleaner to fall down and getting damaged. To know more about shark ion repair follow this troubleshooting guide.


No matter whether you have a bigger house or a smaller one, battery power is a very crucial fact when it comes to cleaning. The battery of this cleaner is basically a 2600 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. It is r14.8 volts. With the full charge, the cleaner can run up to 60 minutes with ease.

The best part about the 720 models is, that whenever the battery is low, this cleaner can go back to charging on its own!

Mode of Cleaning

This model of Shark can move by its own at the time of cleaning. It can automatically choose the ideal path for itself with the help of the sensors. You can also set up the stop cleaning mode if you want a specific area to be cleaned thoroughly.

Shark ion Robot 750 Reviews

Shark ion Robot 750 Reviews

The other SharkNinja ion Robot is the model 750. This one is the improved version of the Shark ion Robots. You can get his one if you want to have some more features that can comfort your cleaning process. Let us know the detailed features of Shark ion Robot (RV 750).

Just like the Shark 720 ion Robot, this 750 also features sensor-based technology while working. There will be so much upholstery and furniture in your house and this Shark ion Robot 720 is smart enough to use its sensor and know where the obstacles are.

Knowing the position of the obstacles, this cleaner will avoid all of them. Bumping over your furniture is not what model 750 will do. It will make its own way out and will avoid any kind of damage. The sensor-based technology of Shark ion Robot 720 will also let the device know where the stairs and the doors are. It will also avoid the doors and the stair otherwise it would fall down and damage itself.

Cleaning Technology


The cleaning technology of the Shark ion Robot 750 is very sharp. It uses the main brush roll for cleaning the floor. This brush roll has an effective power of capturing the dust, dirt, dander and even the hair from the floor. No unwanted particles will be there if you are with the bets Shark ion Robot 750. Your floors will be clean and your life will be comfortable.

As we are talking about cleaning, the reason for purchasing expensive cleaners is to reduce the workload and time. People these days lead a very hectic life and it is not possible for them to spend the entire day doing the cleaning their house. To make your life more comfortable, this model is ideal. The brush roll you get with the cleaner can help you untangle strings and hair.

Just like the model 720, it can also help you in untangling anything that bothers you. Not only this, but the Shark ion Robot 750 has also got two side brushes with the main brush roll. These brushes are included so that they can help you in cleaning the edges of the walls and counterparts. These brushes can spin easily to make the floor debris free. Then it can easily clean the floor with the brushes.

WiFi Technology

shark ion robot application

The Shark ion Robot 750 has the ability to connect to the WiFi network of your house. It enables you the ability to use the vacuum cleaning process faster. With the help of this technology, you can easily schedule the cleaning time by using your smartphone. So, no remote controller will be required for scheduling the cleaning time!

Alexa Integration

Not only commands through the smartphone, but you also get the chance of using your device by Voice Commands. With the help of Amazon Alexa, now you can talk to your device!

Cleaning Modes

There are two different cleaning modes of the Shark ion Robot 750. These modes make your cleaning procedure easy and fast. You will find one default cleaning mode with this model of Shark ion Robot. It is the regular mode of cleaning the floor. In this mode, the cleaner usually starts cleaning.

You can start this model manually by yourself. There is also an option for you where you get the opportunity to start cleaning through your mobile app. Not only this, but you also get the chance of scheduling the time for your cleaner to work. It will start working by itself according to the scheduled time.

The other mode of cleaning is the Spot Cleaning mode. This is an amazing mode if you want the cleaner to work per your instruction. Spot Cleaning mode refers to a cleaning process when the cleaner works is a specific small area and cleans it thoroughly.

With the help of the Spot Cleaning feature of model 750 of Shark ion Robot, you can instruct your cleaner to go to a place which you find the dirtiest. In this mode, the cleaner will go to that place (or you have to take the cleaner there manually) and it will start cleaning the place very devotedly.

The cleaning process in this mode is done in a circular motion so that the area gets cleaned properly. The battery may drain fast if you use this mode for so long.


Just like the other SharkNinja best cleaners on the market, this Shark ion Robot 750 also has a lithium-ion battery for providing you’re an enduring cleaning period. The battery of Shark on Robot 720 and 750 are the same.

If you run your device in the regular mode then the battery of this Shark ion Robot 750 will serve you for about 60 minutes. However, the time will not be the same if you run your ion Robot in the Spot Cleaning mode.

The Spot Cleaning mode may drain your battery fast. If you use this model for a longer period then you may have to recharge the battery again during your cleaning work. We recommend you use the Spot Cleaning process only when it is needed. Do not go for this mode every time you clean.

When the device will know that the battery is running know, it itself you go back to charging itself. You do not need to worry about charging it.

Who should choose the Shark ion Robot (RV720)?

Shark ion Robot 750 and 720, both of the models are amazing in their features. But there is a difference in cost when it comes to choosing one of them. The Shark 720 ion Robot does not have WiFi technology added and it does not support Amazon Alexa.

If you want something that provides all facilities at a cheaper price and you do not need the WiFi technology added Vacuum Cleaner then Shark ion Robot 720 will be the best deal for you.

Who should choose the Shark ion Robot 750?

Who doesn’t want the best? If you want the best vacuum cleaner having the hyped features added then go for the 750 models. It will provide you with WiFi access and features related to Amazon Alexa.

If you want voice control, and WiFi and have no problem regarding the value of the cleaner, your best bet will be Shark ion Robot 750.


Purchasing a cleaner is not an easy task. And when the price is high and the features are close, you will surely feel difficulty choosing one. Shark Ninja, being one of the topnotch brands in the vacuum cleaner world has left us mesmerized with their amazing two cleaner Shark ion Robot 720 and 750.

Know your own requirements before buying any of them. Make a list of your necessity and select one. Though the price of the model 750 is high, we highly recommend the Shark ion Robot 750 as it has added a WiFi facility along with Amazon Alexa Access.


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