When Should You Get a Deep Cleaning?

home deep cleaning

A clean house is a happy house, or so the saying goes. But what does that mean when it comes to deep cleaning? Is it something you should do once a week? Once a month? Or only when something spills? There’s no one answer to this question, as the frequency of your deep cleanings depends …

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Why is My Dyson Pulsing – Starting and Stopping

my Dyson vacuum is pulsing

Dyson has been playing a flagship role in its household solutions in the market. Their products are pretty much saviors for consumers’ household activities. Being a user of it, you certainly have the wish to run this conveniently without any kind f disturbance and delays. But you cannot find an electronic device without a flaw. …

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Shark Robot Error 2 Fix – Self Troubleshooting

shrak robot vacuum error 2 fix

Shark is a perfectly well-known brand that helps you keep your home clean with an automatic process. If you are a regular user of Shark Robots, you may have already been introduced to shark error. You need to know how to fix this error 2. To know about the fixes, you must know shark vacuum …

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Shark Duoclean Soft roller Not Spinning

shark duoclean Soft roller Not Spinning

The most common issue for a user of a Shark Duoclean vacuum cleaner is that sometimes the soft roller of the cleaner does not spin; for this issue, a red indicator is shown in the brush roll. As you are here, I assume you are facing the same problem with your Shark Duoclean but don’t …

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Why Is My Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning?

roomba side brush not spinning

The Roomba side brush is one of those names that comes to people’s minds regarding automated home cleaning. They have created a place of credibility among the audience. But as electronic devices can’t be free of defects, this Roomba brush also comes in this territory, and one of the most common issues is it sometimes …

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Dyson Blinking Blue Light – How to Solve

dyson blinking blue light

There is no doubt about how a vacuum cleaner is a life savior in case of cleaning our house. A vacuum cleaner consumes less time than manual cleaning. Dyson is one of the market’s most convenient and user-friendly vacuum cleaners. However, seeing your Dyson blue light blinking is not much of a pleasing experience. It …

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Roomba Error 26: How to fix and Troubleshoot?

roomba error 26 fix

Almost everyone who uses vacuum cleaners to clean their houses or offices is familiar with the term Roomba Error 26. But the new users who have started using a vacuum cleaner often come up with the question, “What is Roomba Error 26 & How to fix Roomba Error 26?” If you want a simple answer …

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Deep Cleaning Checklist – Facts you need to know

deep cleaning

Hey folks! So, you have decided to deep clean your house. Maybe it’s because spring is around the corner, or you just want to get rid of all the dirt built up over the winter. Either way, deep cleaning your house can be a daunting task. But don’t worry; we are here to help! Here …

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