Shark Duoclean Soft roller Not Spinning

The most common issue for a user of a Shark Duoclean vacuum cleaner is that sometimes the soft roller of the cleaner does not spin; for this issue, a red indicator is shown in the brush roll.

As you are here, I assume you are facing the same problem with your Shark Duoclean but don’t worry; I will guide you through the proper process to fix your issue without any hustle.

After reading the article, you will know what to do when Shark Duoclean soft roller is not spinning. So without any further duo, let’s come to the point.

One of the main reasons the soft roller of Shark Duoclean is not spinning is debris, hair, or unnecessary things like carpet fibers stuck on the roller after many days of cleaning.

So the troubleshooting of this issue is to cut the strands and unnecessary fibers from the roller because if you don’t remove them, the roller will not work.

After all, the roller motor of Shark Duoclean is not that powerful.

Another reason for the issue is when the brush roll switch is not working. A dirty filter and damaged hose can also be the reasons for your stuck vacuum cleaner.

Why is the Soft roller of my Shark Duoclean not spinning?

shark duoclean Soft roller Not Spinning

There can be some reasons why the issue with your soft roller has begun-

  1. Blockage on the soft roller (Due to Hair, fibers, or any kind of debris)
  2. Blockage on the brush roll( A red indicator of the brush roller is showing, and the switch is not working for stuck debris inside it.)
  3. The nozzle of the vacuum is not completely attached to the power connection.
  4. The setting of the vacuum is wrong.
  5. Unclean Dustbin or Filter
  6. Damaged Hose

Blockage on the soft roller of Shark Duoclean

Sometimes the hairs, debris, or carpet fibers from the floor get stuck on the soft roller instead of going to the vacuum cleaner’s filter.

If this happens, the soft roller cannot spin due to a power shortage, as the power supply of Shark Duoclean is not strong enough.

Blockage on the brush roll

If the indicator of the brush roll shows a red color, you can conclude that there is a blockage on the brush roll. Usually, this issue begins when hair or debris is stuck inside the brush roll.

The Nozzle of the Vacuum is not entirely attached.

To make the vacuum cleaner work properly and to spin the soft roller, the nozzle of the vacuum must be attached fully to the power connection.

Wrong Vacuum Setting

The soft roller of Shark Duoclean’s vacuum will not work if the setting is wrong; make sure the setting of the brush roll indicator is either in setting I or setting II.

Keep in mind that the vacuum of Shark Duockean will not work if the setting is on floor mode.

Unclean Dustbin or Filter

If the filter or the dustbin of the Shark Duoclean is unclean and dusty for too many days, then the Shark Duoclean must not be working for this reason.

Damaged Hose

A broken hose can also cause the vacuum not to work correctly, so if the soft roller is not working, bring out the hose and check if there is any blockage or damage.

What to do if the Shark Duoclean Soft Roller is not working?

shark duo clean soft roller problems

The solution to the blockage on the soft roller

To remove the hair and carpet fabrics from the soft roller inside the vacuum, follow this process:

  • Take out the battery of your Shark Duoclean Vacuum.
  • Empty the container of the vacuum, the clean the filter inside if needed
  • Remove the cover of the roller by taking out the screws that help the surface stay attached
  • In case you can’t take out the orange roller, then take it out by lifting it by the right side
  • Remove the front roller, and you can identify it by the orange color
  • Clean the orange roller if needed
  • Grab a scissor and then cut all the unnecessary strands and hairs from the roller

The Solution to the blockage on the Brush Roll

If the indicator shows the red light of the brush roll, the problem is indeed on the brush roll. The roller will also not work if the brush roll’s switch doesn’t work. To fix this issue, follow these steps-

  • Open the garage door by sliding the two release buttons on the corners
  • Remove all the hairs, fabrics, and debris from the brush roll
  • Slide back the garage door and test if the brush roll is working now

Plug in the Nozzle Properly

The nozzle must perfectly connect to the power to work the vacuum cleaner.

If the brush roll or soft roller is not working, check if the nozzle is fully connected to the power switch.

If the nozzle is not linked correctly, the handheld vacuum and the wand connectors will not fully engage.

Check if the Settings of the Indicator are Proper

If the brush roll indicator settings are wrongly set, the vacuum cleaner will not work. To avoid this, use specific indicator settings (Settings I and Settings II).

Clean the Trash Can twice a month

Clean the dustbin, and the vacuum filter, then start the vacuum and check if it works. If it works, then the next time, always try to clean the filter twice a week.

Replace the Damaged Hose

If the hose of your Shark Duoclean is broken or damaged or if you see any blockage inside, then replace it from Shark.

Pre Caution to avoid the Jam of Spin Roller

If you don’t want the hustle of fixing the spin roller of Shark Duoclean, you have to clean the visible hair strands from the floor before using the vacuum cleaner.


shark duo clean brushroll faqs

1. How should I empty the dust cup of my Shark Duoclean?

If you don’t know the correct process to clean the dust cup, follow this procedure-

  • Disconnect the vacuum from the electrical connection by switching off the power connection
  • Take out the dust cup from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Hold the dust cup over the dustbin to remove all the dust thoroughly
  • Wash the dust cup properly, then take some time to dry it
  • After the cup is dry, put it back in the vacuum

2. Why is my Shark Duoclean brush not spinning?

There can be many reasons, but the most likely cause is a broken or damaged hose. So if your brush roll is not turning, check the hose, and if there is any damage, replace it from any Shark Store.

3. Is there a reset button on the Shark Duoclean Vacuum cleaner?

There is no separate reset button on the Shark Duoclean, but you can reset it by putting the power button in the on-off position and keeping the vacuum unplugged for some time.


After reading this article, I hope you know that the reason and solution for the Shark Duoclean soft roller are not spinning.

The common reason for this issue is that hairs or fibers are stuck in the soft roller or brush roll. Also, a broken hose and a full dust cup with an unclean filter can create the issue.

To fix these issues, kindly follow all the procedures mentioned above. If your soft roller still does not spin, then you can contact the customer service line, Shark.

Good luck in fixing your Shark Duoclean!

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