John Deere s240 vs x350 – Which One is Better?

John Deere is a well-recognized brand for a lawn tractors for its reputation of manufacturing great entry-level tractors and being accessible through Home Depot.

Curating a range of series and a variety of models within each series offers something for everyone. 

As a reputed competitor in the entry-level market, john Deere produces some great tractors that are strong contenders for the other models produced by their competitors like- cub cadet, artisan, Husqvarna, etc.

Here, we compare two of the most popular choices from John Deere- s240 and x350. 

John Deere s240 vs x350 – Comparison Guide

John Deere s240 vs x350

John Deere s240 

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After launching their popular 100 series with a high volume, this S240 sport by John Deere is the upgraded version of the 100 series.

The existing 100 series already had a great market reputation and was quite affordable, too, though it had some limitations.

Although the 300 series introduced some features to recover those shortcomings of the 100 series, they came with a hefty price tag as well. 

With the launch of this s240, John Deere could meet a middle ground for the customers who wanted something more than what the 100 series offered, but without having to spend as much on the series 300. 

When you take a look at the s240 tractor, you will see the welded steel frame that holds the body of the tractor. The frame is made of a mighty cast iron axle that gives you a strong and inflexible build. 

This vehicle is powered by a V-twin Kawasaki gasoline engine and has electric ignition. It can displace 603 ccs and offer a horsepower of 18.5 with 3600 rpm.

As a bonus, there is an in-fuel filter attached so that the contaminants cannot pass through while fuel refilling. 

As for performance, the CARB-certified powerplant assures the s240 to run smoothly and effortlessly.

On top of that, the lubrication in this vehicle is pressurized and added with a spin-on filter to help you with even lubrication for operating the vehicle. 

s240 specifications

  1. 18.5 horsepower, 13.8 kW
  2. V-twin cylinders with iron liners
  3. Automatic choke return
  4. Separate levers for speed control
  5. Air cooling
  6. No tools for oil draining
  7. Type overhead valve
  8. Oil filter, full-pressure lube
  9. Governor mechanical
  10. Weight: 208 kg. / 459 lbs. 
  11. Price: $2499.00 


  1. Reliable and sturdy engine
  2. Durable
  3. Comes with a 4-year warranty
  4. Includes an edge-cutting system
  5. User-friendly
  6. Ideal for residences


  1. Not the best quality seat, might not last long
  2. Inadequate frame protection on the engine


John Deere x350 

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This series by John Deere has 7 tractors and includes the maximum features and options that the manufacturer offers, not to mention the line being the latest and most advanced compared to their predecessor models and series.

For the premium quality this line offers, John Deere keeps the distribution only to their authorized dealers, not to any departmental stores or other retailers where you will find entry-level tractors. 

One of the key parts that distinguish an x350 is its heavier and stronger frames than the s240 series.

Besides, the transmissions you will find on these are also capable of more heavy-duty performance, resulting in easier and smooth deck lift mechanisms.

For this reason, you will find the hydraulic control pedal very comfortable and easy to work with, giving you effortless operations. 

 Similar to the body frame, the engine gives you very heavy-duty performance. The engines are made by Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki, while the s240 series utilizes the Kawasaki engine.

Briggs & Stratton powerplants are also used in the E and D series. 

X350 uses electric ignition and a cyclonic air filter. These are effective in keeping the fine dust particles away while working. This also prevents premature damage and wear of the tractor. 

An interesting feature you will find in this x350 is the predicted reliability icons and owner satisfaction icons.

Predicted reliability icons give you hints on the estimated problem rates of your new vehicle. Owner satisfaction icons define the likeliness of your family members to recommend the vehicle.  

X350 specifications

  1. Power: 18.5 horsepower with 13.8 KW. Includes iTorqueTM power system
  2. Upgraded instrument panel
  3. Fuel capacity: 3.3 gallons
  4. 42 inches deep deck
  5. Price range: $2999.00 – $3299.00 USD 


  1. Durable and strong
  2. The cutting length is easily adjustable so that you can shift the height as needed.
  3. Easy steering and accelerator
  4. Comfortable and quality ride
  5. Smooth performance and excellent results
  6. Warranty of 4 years or 300-hour bumper to bumper


  1. Very poor noise control; you’ll need ear protection. We also advise not to operate during early mornings or late nights.
  2. Jerks heavily while accelerating or decelerating, but this is a common issue with a lot of other lawn tractors as well. 

Final Words

In terms of engine and transmission, s240 and x350 are quite similar in performance, but if you are very particular about it, you might find the engine of the x350 to be slightly more powerful.

Another benefit of the x350 is the larger mowing deck, which offers more efficiency, and you can work effortlessly without wasting time. 

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The key points differentiating the two machines – s240 vs. x350

John Deere x350 vs 240
  1. Cost: x350 has a higher price tag than the s240 one for its upgraded features.
  2. Warranty: x350 has an extra year for a warranty
  3. Convenience: the mowing deck is slightly larger in the x350 one than in the s240. Also, the deck-leveling setup is much handier to use. You also get the adjustable anti-scalp wheels to help remove the deck when needed. 

As for performance, both offer quite the same, and you probably cannot tell much of a difference. We recommend you get an s240.

  1. When you need a well-performing lawn tractor for beginners.
  2. If your requirements from the tractor are simple and basic, you mainly need it for mulching the leaves and grass. 
  3. If you are not fussy about the intricate features.
  4. If having the chute or hopper system is not a priority.

Overall, if you are looking for a great lawn tractor that covers a standard area and mulches the leaves and grass for a regular household, you can opt for the s240 one as a simple and great performing tractor.

But if you are more particular about the upgraded features and do not bother to pay the extra price for the convenience, then x350 will not disappoint you. 

Faqs – (x350 vs s240)

42” or 48”, which deck size should I choose?

If you are going to cover a large surface area, the larger the deck, the easier it is for you to mow.

But if there is any narrow space at your house that is not wide enough for your 48″ deck to fit through, then opt for the smaller one. 

What machine should I use when I have to deal with a huge volume of leaves?

In this case, a lawn tractor with a bagger attachment may not be sufficient when handling lots of leaves.

Consider using a powered tow attached behind your tractor or a power flow.

This will increase the holding and shredding capacity and help you deal with the huge volume of leaves more easily and effortlessly. 

Besides, adding some quality mulching blades is a good idea to handle the leaves. This can also be enabled with a side discharge. 

Would synthetic engine oil cause any issues with John Deere mowers?

No, you can use synthetic engine oil on your John Deere mowers. They specifically recommend you use 5W30 or 10W30 regardless of the temperature and weather conditions.

However, this is not a replacement for regular maintenance and oil changes; you must carry them as suggested. 

Is hydrostatic transmission better for mowers or lawn tractors?

Hydrostatic transmissions are more helpful for driving compared to manual transmissions.

Shifting gears and throttle control can sometimes be complicated for a lot of people, which is why hydrostatic transmission is considered to be a more reliable option. 

What brand of the engine does John Deere use in their lawn tractors?

Most of the heavy-duty engines and machinery that John Deere uses are manufactured by themselves.

For the machines that require less than 100 horsepower, they use third-party engine manufacturers like Kawasaki, Yanmar, and Briggs & Stratton. 

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As a rule of thumb, when it comes to electronics, gadgets, or vehicles, opting for the latest or updated versions of a product is usually the better choice (there are exceptions, however).

As you have understood by now, the performance and efficiency do not drastically vary between John Deere s240 and x350.

It comes down to your budget and whether or not you are willing to pay extra cash for the convenience and updated features. 

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