John Deere 2025r Problems – Troubleshooting Guide

John Deere‘s 2025r subcompact tractor is remarkable. The tractor performs much better and saves gasoline with a Yanmar IV Tier IV engine.

Additionally, its hydro transmission and well-sealed radiator provide optimum power and endurance. We’ll be discussing John Deere 2025R problems in today’s article, despite the tractor‘s worth for money.

Keep in mind that most of these issues were collected from the reviews of many different people.

Review of John Deere 2025r

John Deere 2025r is a fuel-saving engine with a compact design and a Yanmar engine. The hydro-powered tractor features unique pedals to ensure ease of usage.

The engine power is 23.9 horsepower. It has a lifting capacity of 415 kg, or it can lift weights up to 415 kg. There are two hydrostatic transmission ranges.

The tractor features three cylinders, and the rated engine velocity is 3200 rpm. It runs on diesel, and the fuel tank capacity is 20.4 L.


  • It features durable cylinders with high torque and sufficient power.
  • The hydrostatic transmission allows for optimum engine usage.
  • The tractor is also very versatile.
  • It can be sent for servicing in automobile shops anytime, which increases its efficiency and productivity.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the great lifting capacity and versatility make this tractor an all-rounder. However, it has quite a lot of problems too, which we are going to troubleshoot in this article.

John Deere 2025r Problems

Troubleshooting John Deere 2025r Problems

There are several problems that tractor users encounter when they use the John Deere 2025r. This guide should help you to identify some of them.

Engine Problems in John Deere 2025r:

One of the main problems that users face is with the engine. The engine is an integral part of the proper functioning of a tractor.

Hence, let’s troubleshoot the problems that users face with the John Deere 2025r engine.

1. Engine starts very slowly:

It is clogging of the fuel filter element results in this problem. Replace or clean the filter as frequently as possible.

Moreover, the fuel system may have air in it. There could also be the problem of air leakage. It could also be possible that diesel fuel nozzles are clogged or broken.

If necessary, inspect and replace nozzles. There could also be damage to the fuel injection pump. The fuel pump should be rebuilt or replaced. 

The timing of the fuel injection pump may be faulty, resulting in a faulty engine operation. To fix this problem, adjust the fuel injection system timing to the accurate setting.

It could also be that the fuel filter is clogged. The filter system can be changed. Other problems have been listed below.

2. The engine abruptly starts and stalls:

Clogging of the fuel filter results in disturbances in the fuel injection pump.

Thus, the pump should be replaced or repaired.

3. Issues with the radiator core:

There may be issues with the radiator core too. The radiator core may be blocked, or the radiator cap could leak, causing the engine to overheat.

Clean the radiator or replace the top. Fill the system to the proper level and check for leaks as well.

It is important to note that the fan belt could be causing problems for the engine too.

4. Engine Temperature and Sound Issues:

Low coolant temperature causes the engine to make an unusual noise. The solution to this problem is simple. Start the engine to warm it up.

Check the level of oil and add more if required. Configure the injection pump time setting.

Set it up according to the instructions. Replace the worn-out pistons with new ones.

Problems with Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission in a tractor uses hydraulic fluid. The mechanical energy of the tractor is transmitted into hydraulic power.

When there are issues with this hydrostatic transmission, it results in further problems. The details have been shared below.

1. Excessive noise of the hydrostatic transmission:

The problem arises when the speed control linkage becomes worn out. As a result, the transmission load becomes too high.

This transmission load should be reduced. Low transmission oil quantity could also result in excessive noise. The solution would be to replace or top up the transmission oil to the right level.

If the relief valve doesn’t work properly, replace it. Defective parts of the hydrostatic transmission components should also be replaced.

2. Excessive loading of the hydrostatic transmission:

Too much load also causes transmission oil to overheat. Thus, the excessive load on transmission oil should be lowered.

Further problems arise if the cooling components are damaged. Inspect all cooling elements and, if required, service or replace them.

Another common problem is with the transmission fluid. It should be checked and refilled to ensure it is not in short supply.

If the filtering components for the transmission fluid are blocked, then they should be replaced.

3. Other Problems with Hydrostatic Transmission:

Hydrostatic transmissions have mechanical components like a differential and a driving axle, as well as rubber or metal hoses through which the liquid is forced.

Hydrostatic transmission difficulties in John Deere 2025r can be caused by the failure of any structural element, a broken connection, or a clogged filter.

The most typical problem, though, results when there are problems with the tractor‘s oil level. 

Fluids that are old or misused are frequently the cause of poor functioning. It may be time to switch your hydraulic fluids if the machine is not operating properly. 

4. John deere 2025r PTO problems

If the PTO switch begins to malfunction, it is probably time to replace it. Bear in mind that it is always covered by the warranty.

Therefore, if you are still covered under warranty, you should contact them and have them handle it.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at the procedure for changing.

First, you have to determine which version you have. The Gen 2 or the older one. However, the procedure is identical for both. 

It’s just the switch structure is different. You should have either a rocker or a pull/push kit.

John Deere 2025r problems PTO kit layout
John Deere 2025r problems PTO kit (Gen 2)

It would be best if you pressed the tabs, usually by tapping on its back, and then it should bulge right out.

The images above might help you to find things. 1st one depicts internal whereabouts. The 2nd one is the kit of a John Deere 2025r PTO.

My Heartiest thanks to Gizmo2 for figuring out this procedure. You are the best, Gizmo!

John Deere 2025R Steering and Wheels

Troubleshooting for John Deere 2025R Steering and Wheels

1. Free-play of the steering wheel:

The connection of the steering column may be worn out. If this happens, replace the defective component. It could be that the steering pump has failed.

In that case, replace the steering pump. If the parts of the steering linkage become loose, then change them.  

Air trapped inside the steering mechanism causes slow steering. Air results in the steering filter becoming clogged. Thus, it will be necessary to change the steering filter.

You may also check if the steering fluid is low and add more if required. Furthermore, if the control valve on the pump is jammed or worn out, then clean the valve.

A poorly built steering column should be replaced or assembled again. The steering cylinders should be checked for leakages as well. 

2. Unusual Movement of Front Wheels:

The power steer valve that is worn out or damaged must be replaced. If you can’t replace it, then repair the steering valve.

If a problem with the steering cylinder arises, then the hydraulic steering cylinder has to be replaced or repaired. If the steering linkage assembly becomes loose, check and make changes as needed. 

Front-wheel bearings that have been improperly set or are damaged may result in problems too. So, replace or adjust the bearings for your convenience.

The front wheels may even have uneven tire pressure. If that is the case, then inflate them properly. 

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We’ve completed the listing of the John Deere 2025R problems.

The flaws of the tractor may not make it a deal-breaker, but it is worth purchasing if you are willing to overlook its flaws.

In addition, John Deere has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. As a result, they will assist you with all kinds of repairing and servicing required, and you won’t have to contact a dealer.


1. Is it worth it to buy the John Deere 2025r tractor?

It is worth buying the John Deere 2025r because of its power and versatility. It may have some drawbacks, but its power makes it stand out.

2. What is the price of the John Deere 2025r tractor?

If you pay in installments, you will have to pay $308 monthly for the tractor.

3. What is the maximum weight that a John Deere 2025r can lift?

The maximum weight that this version of John Deere may lift is 915 lbs. 

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