John Deere 1025R Vs 2025R – Comparison in 2022

John Deere 1025r vs. 2025r, which one will be best in the year 2022?

John Deere is a brand from Deere & Company. This is an American Manufacturing Corporation named after its owner John Deere.

They produce heavy equipment machineries such as agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, forestry machinery, diesel engines, and drivetrains (axles, transmissions, gearboxes).

Now talking about today’s topic, John Deere 1025R and 2025R are two tractors with similar capabilities.

Though both come with similar workability, one is still a series of sub-compact tractors, and the other is a 2-series compact utility tractor.

We will differentiate their comparison on behalf of Specs, Performances, and Power output activities.

Heading straight to their specs regarding John Deere 1025R vs. 2025R

Key Features 1025R 2025R
Horsepower 23.9 23.9
PTO Horsepower 18 18
2WD or 4WD 4WD 4WD
Transmission Hydrostatic 2 Range Hydrostatic 2 Range
3 Point Hitch Category 1 Category 1
Loader Lift Capacity 955 lbs 992 lbs
Rear Tire Size 26 by 12-12 inches 31 by 12-16.5 inches
Weight 1444 lbs 1793 lbs
Wheelbase 57.1 inches 63 inches
Operation Station Premium Standard


John Deere 1025r vs 2025r

As you can see in the specs, the 1025R and 2025R are comparatively similar tractors with a few differences:

Firstly the similarities

Talking about the engine, they both are powered by Tier 4 Compliant diesel engines. And both of them conveniently can produce 18 PTO horsepower.

Here, The PTO horsepower is the amount available for running implements with your tractor. Essentially Yanmar engine Offers efficient power and performance.

Next comes the Transmission. In the chart, we can see both tractors are built-in with 2 range Hydrostatic suspension.

Talking about hydrostatic suspensions are highly durable and easy to operate. For tractors, the easier operation is highly important because No driver will want a complex driving method while operating this giant and powerful machine.

Both have been integrated with twin-touch pedals that allow a quick direction change. It also gives you the facility of infinite ground speeds.

1025R and 2025R have the same category 1 – 3 pt hitch for hookups. As a result, both tractors are compatible with the same type of attachment equipment.

You can interchange your implements, Which is significantly convenient because if you just change the tractor and have another one.

What about other features? Bot tractors have efficiency-boosting features. There is Quick Hitch Compatibility in both, which is a demanding feature for workplaces.

They consist of cab options and cruise control. 4WD, Power steering, and Tilt steering as well.

4WD helps tractors to crawl through extreme offroad situations. So as power steering and tilt steering.

According to this description, we can easily assume that both tractors are highly similar in their characteristics.

Now let’s head to the dissimilarities:

  1. First comes the Price: For some increased capabilities, the price of 2025R is a bit higher. This is why 1025R is said to be its cheaper alternative. Not all buyers have the same flexible budget. So, cutting off a price and having an alternative is absolutely a good deal. Thus 1025R wins the budget-friendly pricing battle.
  2. Next comes the Tire Size: Larger-sized compatible tires are always helpful for this segment. Because an extra tire will give you some extra ground clearance in off-road workings, as the 2025R has larger tires, it can provide more ground clearance at the work arena. To be noted, larger-sized tires also give 2025R the option to have more stability.
  3. Frame Size: Frame size is also a strong influencer of the stability section. The machine becomes more stable with larger-sized frames. Here, the 2025R provides a wheelbase 6 inches wider than the 1025R. The 2025R would certainly provide better stability than its competitor.
  4. Weight: You can find in the chart above 1025R is 1444 lbs while 2025R is 1793.5 lbs. 2025R has a 15% increased weight. And you have to know that more weight of a tractor surely strengthens its stability and workability. The heavier the tractor is, the smoother riding and operating experience it will provide. So, 2025R wins the battle here with its heavier body.
  5. Then, Operation Section: Here, we have to take two things into our mind; 1025r is the top model of the 1 series. And 2025R is a price model of series 2.
John Deere 2025R vs 1025r

So, being a premium model of a segment, the 1025R offers more comfortable seats, armrests, and padding.

But 2025 is a price model of its segment and offers the basic stander comfort of the driver operation section.

We have gone through several points with good and bad sides.

Now term of some brief discussions on John Deere 1025R vs. 2025R

Lawn mowing is the first target of any tractor. But it can perform a large number of activities beyond that. And most of the peoples who buy one keeps in mind all these facts.

Now, the mowing quality of 1025R is comparatively better than the 2025R. But 2025 provides a better front loader function along with three-point load operation.

If you think these are your primary target, then go for 2025R because you can do your mowing with a regular mower easily. But finding an alternative to loader activities is difficult.

You are now driving through a conclusion. If you want to buy a tractor and your choice is over these two specific models. Therefore, you are seeking ideas on John Deere 1025R Vs. 2025R.

Then stop for a while, and think of yourself, what you need actually. What is your primary purpose?

If your purpose is to do loading and heavy operational work, go for 2025R. But if you want lawn mowing, you should prefer 1025R.

If asking for a tractor with larger tires, stability, weight, and wheelbase, one has to prefer 2025R.

But talking about driver comfort, 1025R takes the lead. And one last thing is the Price. 2025R is a bit more costly.

You can easily cut off some budget and get 1025R as its successful alternative. That’s all you want to know about John Deere 1025R and 2025R.

You can approach getting any of those regarding your choice and requirements now.

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