Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop Instructions

Instructions for a product are pretty much straightforward. You know there is a stock manual for your device in the box.

But it’s arranged in a bit complicated way in most cases. What we will be going to do is, make the whole manual and instructions more understandable and easier for a general user.

If you are a Bissell Powerfresh Steam mop user, you have already found a user manual, but still, you are confused about how to operate, take care or maintain the product and other necessities.

So, let’s get started; we will be categorizing the sections between Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop instruction necessaries and making it easier.

The first thing out of the box is the assembly of your Bissell Powerfresh. That’s what we are starting with.

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop Instructions

Assembling Process

In the very first step, you got to know what is in the box. Without any specific choice, the stock box provides you with the following;

  • Handle assembly as well as one screw
  • Maneuverable Mop Head
  • Lower Body
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Mop Pads
  • Removable easy Scrubber
  • Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs

Here, one thing to remember is that the quantity of the power fresh mop pads and spring breeze fragrance discs may vary from product to product. Even sometimes depending on user choices and personalizations.

Starting the assembly procedure is too easy than you may think;

  • Firstly, attach the lower body to the mop head. You are going to be confirmed about the connection hearing it snap.
  • You need to slide the handle assembly downwards.
  • Next, the screws should be tightened properly.

[A bunch of users do not tighten the screws properly, which makes noises while using the machine and sometimes causes leakage of water into the circuit board arena]

After you have assembled your Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop, the next thing you will do is operate it. For a new user, it is pretty tough to handle it for the first time.

So, let’s simplify it for those users. [You can skip this part if you are an expert]

Operating The Device

First comes the knowledge about the removable water tank;

Removable Water Tank

The placement of the water tank is on the top portion of your Powerfresh Steam Mop. The reason for being at this top is that you can refill the tank anytime you want. Sounds handy and hassle-free. Right?

[One thing any user should keep in mind is that distilled water or demineralized water is always recommended for the machine.]

Smart set Steam Control Mechanism

This is the native system of your Bissell Steam Mop that works with three modes, Low Medium, and High. As soon as the device stops blinking, you must know that the mop is ready to start the job.

Simply press the start button, and you are done.

Just pointed out previously, you can select the value or level button for the type of steam you need.

Scrubber Function

Basically, the scrubber is removable, and the user can clean it easily with the easy scrubber function by your foot while it is locked in its position.

Often the trouble comes when the user cannot clean the sticky messes that gather in it. This is the solution the company claimed for it.

Microfiber Mop Pad

The advantage of the microfiber pad is that they are reusable.

After a single use of a microfiber pad, it is not obvious for you to change it. They are washable and pretty much used for the next few terms.

Generally, your Bissell Powerfresh comes with two types of microfiber pads;

White Microfiber- For everyday use, and almost all types of the floor is applicable with it.

Grey Microfiber- Grey one is somehow for heavy duty. In case of cleaning a heavily clogged-up mess, you have to work with this grey microfiber. Often users can use this grey one for heavily soiled floors.

Many users face troubles while attaching the mop pad to the mop head. Here are the troubleshooting to those Bissell issues;

Attaching Mop Pad

Set up the fragrance disc and attach the mop pad properly. In terms of scent stuff, a whole disc will give you a strong fragrance, and a smaller or half disk may give you a lighter scent.

Also, when you are setting the mop head to the mop pad, the quick grip release tab should be located on the back.

Fill the water tank by lifting it off straight and unscrewing it.

The performance of your machine often depends on this water temperature. It is better to keep the water at room temperature, and this may give you the best result.

To unwrap the power cord completely, twist the Quick Release. While it is plugged into the port, it passes 120 Volts through it.

Something that should be kept in mind here is that you have to sweep the floor prior in case of cleaning with your Bissel Powerfresh.

Hard Floor Cleaning

If you have already read the manual, you are aware of how to clean the hard floors, but if you haven’t yet, look at these simplified steps here;

  1. Plug the mop and wait until it gets hot. This generally may take around 30 seconds. Setting the value too low, medium, or high is completely up to you.
  2. If you are sanitizing the floor, you have to keep the mop for at least 15 seconds on each place while steaming.
  3. To clean the dried-up and sticky spots, lock the scrubber at the place and then move the machine slowly to clean those spots.

There are a bunch of other options we can perform with the device, such as Carpet Refresher attachments and similar.

But the fact is, in the manual, these procedures are already very much cleared up, so it is kinda unnecessary to rewrite the same sentences again and again here.

Device Maintenance

Follow several steps because, without proper maintenance, you can never take the device in the long run. So,

  1. Firstly, disconnect the power.
  2. Remove the mop pad from the head and the fragrance disk from the mop pad.
  3. Clean any left water in the machine storage.
  4. You can wash your mop with warm water.
  5. Wipe all the surfaces, and in the end, twist the cords in their place.

In case of poor maintenance, you may find issues like the Bissell Powerfresh mop not working properly, the mop not steaming, etc. In those cases, try troubleshooting from the stock manual, and you will get easier ways.

Also, so many users stay confused about how to turn on the Bissell mop for the first time. The simplest solution is to read the manual and try the steps from there.

In the very end, the last thing to be concerned about by a user is the after-sale service and warranty of the product.


Bissell will replace or repair your device in case of unintentional damage for 2 years. But the company won’t take any charge for any intentional or naturally caused damage to the mop.

Also, to get their expert help or customer care support, you can reach their website and email.

Also, you can call these numbers;


Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm ET

Saturday 9am – 8pm ET

Sunday 10am – 7pm ET

Also, we recommend registering the product just after you buy it.

No need to pull a longer conclusion because you now have a complete basic idea about your Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop instructions and all necessary idea about it.

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