Bissell CrossWave Instructions – How to use

As we have been keeping the instruction pretty simple for you, this one will also be too straightforward.

But if you have a clear idea about the market, you may know that there are versions and variations in products. Primarily you may find All-in-One, Cordless Max, Pet Pro, and X7 Cordless Pet Pro in the market.

But if the instructions vary too much amongst the models, there will be an issue in applying the steps. So, we will be normalizing the steps to apply to all those similar models.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

As usual, the instructions start with the assembly of the product. So, let’s start with how to assemble your Bissell Crosswave after opening the box.

Bissell CrossWave Instructions

Product Assembly

This unique cleaning device starts with its pretty simple assembly procedure;

  • The very first thing you need to do is slide the handle towards the body until you hear the click. The click for sure makes confirmation of a secure connection in this case.
  • You need to fill the water tank next. Fill the tank with the necessary water for your next use.
  • And after that, You have to slide the tank to its position. And like before, ensure it is properly done with a click sound.
  • After that, it is time to connect the power. Plug your device into the power cord. Make sure the connection is secure.
  • Here you need to select which mode you want to use. Select one from the hard floor or rugged options.
  • After the power is connected, you need to hold the machine trigger for around 10 seconds by filling the water and cleaning the solution inside. You can start your cleaning right at the moment.

Making it Easier to Understand

  • When you are to start the machine, PLUG IN THE CORD.
  • To select the setting, CHOOSE HARD OR RUG.
  • Reclining the handle will MAKE THE BRUSH ROLL SPIN.
  • Holding the trigger for 10 seconds, MAKE IT PRIME YOUR MACHINE.

Keep in Mind

  1. Properly seat the dirt tank to the machine. Or else that may leak dirty water and spit it on the floor. Which certainly may not be a good experience.
  2. Connect the power cord tightly to a safe outlet. Inconvenient power supply, higher or very lower voltage, and sometimes internal heat may damage the circuit board of your Bissell Crosswave.
  3. It is not recommended to keep the device without water for a longer period; it may create burning smells and similar other issues if the previous time this is not cleaned properly.

Bissell Pet Pro Tutorial

Using Your Bissell Crosswave

  • For an area smaller than 350 sq ft, fill the water to the fill line and add the formula.
  • If the targeted area is larger than 700 sq ft, the water should be filled till the second line.
  • Also, after filling up, screw the cap properly without any leakage.
  • There is no need to vacuum before using the Crosswave at the time of hard floor jobs.
  • If you have to dry the floor faster, just release the trigger without dispensing the solution.
  • Your device needs to be cleaned sometimes because the rolls get too dirty after cleaning heavily dirty floors. If you leave it like that, it will be damaged in a few days. So, rinse the brush roll using the easy clean tray before leaving the machine to dry.
  • So many times, the users complain about weaker cleaning while they are working on challenging situations but using the normal mode. In that case, you just need to change it to RUG mode, and your Bissell Crosswave will make satisfactory results.

Easy Maintenances

There are a decent number of users on the internet and offline asking for Bissell Crosswave to troubleshoot.

That doesn’t mean that the product has issues in general; the problem is in the lack of proper maintenance the device loses its performance in the long run.

The maintenance is not that hard; Follow these easier steps;

  • To reset the brush, disconnect the power cord, which will be done automatically.
  • Clean obstructions from the machine at idle time. Make sure while you are doing it, the device is out of power. There is a major risk of getting an electric shock if you try to do that while the device is connected to the electricity.
  • After cleanup, reassemble the machine properly. A loose setup makes the noisy device day by day.
  • Cleaning your Crosswave is important for the longevity of the machine. Turn on the machine with hard floor mode and let it run for 10 to 15 seconds. After that, disconnect the power cord and disassemble the possible cleanable parts.

Within 10 to 15 seconds, the machine will pick up the whole water. You must lock the stuff in its place after wiping up the left moisture.

As the power cord is disconnected, you can clean the parts even by disassembling them properly. After the cleanup, put every part in its place so that no further trouble arises.

Another frequently asked question by the users is how to clean the brush of your Bissell Crosswave. To simplify, you need some warm water and a paper towel.

.Dry clothes can also be used alternatively. Unplug the device, and clean the brush simply. Ensure you are not driving extra pressure on it, which may damage the brush.

Product Warranty

Though this part is cleanly described in the paperwork and manual of the device, we are emphasizing it.

Your Bissell Crosswave authority gives you a warranty of 1 year generally. But in case of intentional damage and third-party product or repair interference, the warranty cannot be applicable.

Also, for any further queries regarding the product, you can call them at 0344 888 66 44.

That’s all you could have to know about the Bissell Crosswave instructions. But we always recommend that users read the manual from the box properly.

The reason is that every new version comes with a few major or minor modular changes in the product.

To get to know about those, you should know that manual. I hope you won’t have to face issues with using your Bissell Crosswave after going through these instructions.