Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Not Filling Up

As you sit in front of a stinky and wet carpet, it may have you wondering, “why is your Bissell crosswave dirty water tank not filling up.” What went awry, exactly?

As far as I can tell, this isn’t a time to waste. Get up and move your round. Our task is to find a solution to this issue. Your carpet isn’t going to dry itself.


The answer is your Bissell CrossWave has probably lost suction power or has none at all.

Bissell crosswave series has three sub-series. BISSELL CROSSWAVE SERIES covers both CORDLESS and CORDED ones.

We will discuss the suction problem for both Corded CrossWaves and Corded CrossWaves.

Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Not Filling Up?

Bissell crosswave

The suction of a vacuum cleaner is created by the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the cleaner.

The fan in the cleaner creates a vacuum, which sucks air in through the dirt filter and into the motor.

The high-speed motor creates a powerful airflow that sucks dirt and debris into the canister. Here, these suck water, a whole lot of water, because the Bissell CrossWaves are wet dry vacs.

So, if something breaks the air seal and destroys the vacuum, your Bissell CrossWave will behave strangely and will not suck water.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Spatula or a long, thin piece of metal strong enough to check and remove whatever is clogging the drain. 

Bissell Crosswave Not Picking Up Water? – For Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max 

Most of the time, when compared to corded vacuum cleaner models, cordless vacuum cleaners have poor suction. 

However, if you own a model from Bissell Max, you won’t have to be concerned about this because they are well-built and can draw far more power than is required to extract water from carpets or other surfaces.

Step-by-step solutions

Let’s go through it and try to solve the problem.

Turn it off

You might think it’s odd that I’m telling you to turn off the machine first. Who among us wouldn’t shut it down before attempting to diagnose a problem with it?

Their reason is, Failing to detach it from power completely could result in major problems. 

Because of this, I thought it would be prudent to include it as a sub-point. Just a friendly reminder about how critical it is to properly shut down the Bissell CrossWave and to be fully focused while doing so.

  • So, you’ve turned off the electricity to your Bissell crosswave max already. Don’t forget to unplug the power cord as well.
  • After you’ve turned off your Bissell crosswave, don’t dock it just yet! In fact, don’t dock it at all. You cannot perform those tasks while the vacuum cleaner is docked.

Check For Any Obstacles That Could Create a Clog

A vacuum cleaner clog is a common problem that can occur when using a vacuum cleaner. The clog can be caused by various factors, such as dirt, dust, and hair.

If the clog is not cleared, it can cause the vacuum cleaner to overheat or stop working altogether. Clearing the clog can be a difficult task, but several methods can be used.

You must determine whether or not there is a clog and remove it. You should be able to clear any clogs easily. I’m confident you will find any clogs; I truly hope so.

That would specify where the problem is and enable you to fix it. 

Regardless of the reason, if you do need help, following these steps will help.

Check Under Dirty Cup:

The dirty cup has a hole leading to the water suction path. You’ll have to look for anything that could block it.

Follow these steps

  • Remove the dirty water cup if it already has dirty water in it. Be careful not to split and create it messier than it already is.
  • Look for anything clogging the space. It could be a massive accumulation of dirt or debris, but most of the time it is a piece of cloth that causes the problem.
  • Proceed to this step if you haven’t found anything that could be causing the blockage. Now is the time to clean the Filter.

Even If you’ve already identified the material causing the clog, you should not skip this step.

Although a dirty filter isn’t entirely to blame for lost suction, it does account for a significant portion of it, especially if it’s a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

In wet and dry vacuum cleaners, the filter is important for keeping your vacuum running smoothly. It helps to keep the dirt and dust from getting into the motor, which can cause it to overheat.

A clogged filter will also reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

Now run these simple measures.

  • The filter on most wet vacuum cleaners can be removed and washed with soap and water. Before reinstalling the filter, make sure it is completely dry.
  • It’s critical to completely dry the filter before reinstalling it. Your vacuum cleaner’s performance will be hampered by a wet filter.

Check Under The Brushroll

Bissell’s CrossWave is a revolutionary new product that allows user to clean their floors and carpets with one machine.

The CrossWave has a brush roll that switches from carpet to hardwood floors with the touch of a button, making it easy for the user to clean all of their surfaces without having to change machines.

The brushroll is so versatile that it often makes you want to clean the carpet and the hard floor. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause “sweet problems.” 

A clean surface you can eat off of? Bah! The more you clean, the more hair and dirt accumulate – a very dirty brushroll in one word, which could lead to no suction. 

That is why you need to inspect this area now.

Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Not Picking Up Water

Follow these procedures

To gain access to the brushroll, you must first open the lid. The lid might make you wonder why it’s even necessary.

The lid, on the other hand, prevents the dirt from dispersing. And in wet-dry vacs, it’s more important than ever, with a tighter seal because we’re dealing with dirty water. Dirty water will make a bigger mess than scattered dirt.

  • Look for a hair wrap or anything like that. It could be a fiber that wraps the brushroll.
  • Remove any lint or debris you find! If there’s nothing there, put the brushroll back in place. First, put the right-hand side of the brushroll in place. Then push the left side until you hear a click.
bissell crosswave pet pro

Bissell Crosswave Not Sucking Up Water? – For Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

The reason your Bissell CrossWave does not pick up dirty water is almost identical to the reason cordless models do.

As a result, the procedure is nearly identical. In any case, I’m providing a summary of the entire procedure.

It will be brief and succinct. Consider it a short-handed written version of the entire procedure outlined previously. 

Bissell pet pro Not Picking Up Water
  • Turn off the machine, and don’t forget to unplug the cord.
  • Make sure there aren’t any signs of obstruction that could cause the internal path to becoming blocked.
  • Remove the dirty water tank and check the hole under it. If found any, remove them.  
  • Wash the filter.
  • Remove the brushroll and check beneath its position for blockage too. 
  • After completely drying the filter, place everything back as it were. 
  • Hook all the parts together, especially the water tanks. Most of the time, if it isn’t clogged, those are the things that cause the problem. 
bissell crosswave water tank

Is your Bissell CrossWave not picking up water still?

If the problem persists, it is sad that it may be time to get a new machine. 

There are plenty of things you can do when your warranty claim is denied, and all hope seems lost! Check out these unconventional tips to try and salvage the situation.

To help you and thousands of others, the vacuumist team has figured out this section exclusively and put it online. 

Some atypical methods to try before you abandon it

Try these things: If you try an atypical method and it doesn’t work, don’t give up – there are plenty of other options to choose from.

  • It is designed in such a way if either tank fails to fit in its designated location, the entire system will be rendered inoperable. It won’t suck up any of the water around it. Tank placement is critical because any deviation from the ideal could result in dirty water spraying directly into your face.
    Even after it clicks, these tanks are sometimes not properly placed. Check to see if the problem is truly the cause. After turning the machine, listen for any strange noises. Remove the tanks and reposition them.
  • Hey, did you drop your Bissell CrossWave very recently? If you do, Stupid move! That’s like dropping a million dollars on the ground, considering how it serves you.

    Anyway, jokes apart – resetting the machine fixes every problem 50% of the time. Try to reset the machine. Resetting the Cordless Max series is fairly easy.

    Hold the mode button for three seconds and let it go when you hear a beep. And you are good to go.

But what would you do if you didn’t own a cordless smart crosswave? What if you own a corded model? You could always do a manual reset! And it is by disassembling and assembling the machine again!

Well, it is not easy as it sounds. Disassemble? Heck, it doesn’t even sound easy! Anyway, I am planning to penetrate through my Bissell Crosswave sometime. I will let you know when I do that. 


In conclusion, if your Bissell Crosswave does not seem to have the suction power to clean carpets well, this could be due to several factors, such as the brush not rotating properly or the water not being sucked with enough force.

Users should be cautious when purchasing this product and be sure to test it out thoroughly before making a purchase.