Roomba Error 34 Troubleshooting

Often popular products end up with some unwanted errors which ruin User Satisfaction, but this is a pretty normal thing. Let me tell you why!

All the automatic and semi-automatic products are controlled by AI-based chips and programs. The programs are being updated by the developers every frequently time.

And on every new update, there are new codes, which may bring new bugs in the system automation technology.

And the same issue gets started on the Roomba J series, you may get sure that there may be a bug on the main system, and this needs troubleshooting.

That’s what we will be talking about now, how to Troubleshoot Roomba error 34 and fix it easily.

So, let’s get started.

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What is Roomba Error 34

In simple words, whenever your Roomba J series faces internal communication issues, it will start showing you these errors and 34 kinds of stuff.

Let’s make it clear; consider your Roomba vacuum is being left off for several days, the device has drained its whole battery, and the temporary memories are erased somehow.

In this situation, when you are charging the device again and booting it up, this will recognize a lack of communication between the internal micro components and chip and their automation systems.

This is where Error 34 will arrive.

roomba error 34 troubleshooting

Often in new devices, you may find the error 34. And in this case, you cannot explain the same way we have explained previously.

In terms of new devices, the issue may come from firmware bugs. We will be describing more about it below.

To make it easier, when your Roomba J series is not capable of communicating its internal components, it will show you error 34.

The connection and communication between the small components of the device and the main circuit board may be the absolute source of the issue.

Source of the Issue, we have already given you a hint about the source of the issue.

As this is the inconvenience of communication between the main circuit board of your Roomba and other components, any of the micro components can be the culprit of creating the problem.

Any Random Component

Any of the working components can go malfunction, and they can make the error 34. In case they are not capable of communicating with other components, or they are not working properly.

Any of the components can be the culprit, as we said before.

Firmware Bug

Firmware bugs are very much an underrated reason behind these issues that may create hardware communication inconvenience. As your Roomba j series is an automated vacuum cleaner, this runs on specific firmware from the company.

And, commonly, the firmware should be updated. New and updated firmware may have bugs that will make the components hard to communicate with the main system. And at this stage, error 34 will rise.

Battery Issue

Also, this can be called another underrated issue that nobody talks about. When the battery gets older, it becomes incapable of delivering sufficient power and energy to the device.

Often, users think that the only purpose is the SOT or working time of the device. But there is something else to take into concern.

The older the battery gets; the more it becomes weaker to deliver the necessary amount of voltage to the device.

The lower voltage sometimes makes the device’s micro components not work properly. And as a result, some of the components cannot communicate with themselves, which arises error 34 issues.

Connecting with the WIFI

Troubleshooting Roomba Error 34

The troubleshooting of this error is pretty simple, but you better know why we are taking the steps.

Restart cleaning > Reboot > Expert Support

Whenever the issue gets solved, you don’t need to perform further steps afterward.

So, let’s explain stepwise;

Restarting the Cleaning Mission

It may sometimes happen like, on a particular cleaning mission, the device may have got malfunctioned.

So, on that specific term, the device’s internal components couldn’t communicate with each other and caused error 34 issues.

If you restart that cleaning mission, the previous data gets erased, and the device performs a fresh cleaning cycle which may solve that malfunction and clear the error.

Rebooting your Roomba

Suppose you find that after restarting the cleaning cycle, nothing changes. If the issue remains the same, then the error maybe not be just a typical misfunction, and you have to perform the next step.

Going for a reboot may help for sure. There is a question about how to reboot your Roomba vacuum. This may vary from model to model.

There are different series and models of the company in the market, and they all have slightly different reboot methods.

So, it is very safe to read the device manually and then try the rebooting procedure.

We can drop some rebooting tutorials for several models here, but that won’t be enough. Applying the wrong steps may harm your device, so it’s always recommended to read the device manual carefully first.

Reset the Device

Often the problem persists after the rebooting. Then you should reset the device, and very much most of the time, a factory reset may solve these issues for your Roomba vacuum.

Maybe there is a bug clustered in your device automation log that needs to be erased and taken to a generalized form.

You cannot do this manually. All you can do is give your device a factory reset that may clear the trouble in the program.

Now the question is, “How to reset your Roomba Vacuum?”

Some methods may vary from model to model. Also, modern lineups are changing the process of resetting the device.

So, a very easy way to get this is to read your device manual carefully, and there must be a resetting process for your Roomba vacuum.

One thing here you need to keep in concern is that resetting your device is a risky procedure sometimes as it erases the whole memory and gives the whole device a fresh start.

If you go for the wrong buttons and procedures, you may find your device in an unworkable position. So, it’s better to know properly before performing the reset to your device.

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Seeking Customer Care Support

In case, even after resetting, the problem is not yet solved, you have no other way than to contact customer care and ask for expert support.

If you have the official warranty, then you must utilize it now. If you don’t have one, it is always recommended to take service from authentic customer cares because you will be provided genuine product and service assurance here.

So, you now have a complete idea base about how to deal with Roomba Error 34. Some users get confused about applying the troubleshooting.

Which model is applicable and which is not is a common area of confusion.

Actually, the models which show this error, such as j7, j7+, or sometimes the whole Roomba J series and similar ones, are applicable of these troubleshoots. If your Roomba device is not responding and showing error 34, You can simply apply the ideas from here and get the expected outcomes.