Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting – Repair and Problem Fixing

The vacuum cleaner is one of the common cleaning gadgets. And while it’s about purchasing a good one, Shark vacuums are often preferred. Maybe you also have one. Along with its well-working reputation, users often face common problems in its use.

Actually, it’s normal to have problems with any kind of machinery we use daily.

While a vacuum cleaner works the dirt cleaning job for us, having technical problems often is nothing strange.

There might be problems in the setup or in any inner function or sometimes in particular major parts. However, whatever it is, all of them are fixable.

Are you facing any of them? Don’t panic.

Here in this article, we will provide you with the solution to most faced problems along with effective instructions for accurate use.

Because many times wrong use can create sudden problems. Check below to troubleshoot your shark vacuum cleaner problems.

Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting – Repair and problem fixing guide

Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting

The Basic Checking

The very first thing you need to check is the warranty information. If the malfunction you are facing or might face in the future, is covered by the warranty – you are good enough to get free servicing or even better, a whole new unit (depending on warranty terms & conditions). Know warranty details from the sales representative if bought from a physical store.

If you have bought it from You will get the warranty information from the product listing page on Amazon. An example is given to you below. Please click on the product listing page of the Shark APEX given below and find the downloadable warranty information stored in a PDF format. 

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean for Carpet and HardFloor Cleaning, Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap, & Powered Lift-Away with Hand Vacuum (AZ1002), Espresso

It is located right beside the portion where basic product specifications are given. Please scroll down a bit and you will find it in no time.

N:B: I didn’t put up the link above randomly. I chose the shark APEX for a reason. If you still do not have a shark vacuum cleaner or have been planning to get a new one, you should take a Shark APEX. A mechanism is implemented in this vacuum cleaner which actively helps to prevent hair wrap on the brushroll. For your information, most of the time, hair wrap is the reason for malfunctioning.

While buying the gadget you are provided a manual instruction book for the accurate setup, inside the packaging. Anyway, if you lost that or do not have that for a reason; no need to be worried. There must be a dedicated product page for which you are looking, on You can find the manual there.

The manual of the Shark APEX is found out for you. Refer to the image below.

Shark manual APEX

However, if you are done with the basic instructions and still your vacuum cleaner is not working, there must be some silly facts you need to check out.

This is actually basic checking. It’s kind of restarting the vacuum cleaner. Many times just by restarting the vacuum cleaner it starts working again.

Here are the steps.

Unplug: If your vacuum is not working the first time, unplug it. Remove all the connections and disconnect from the electricity.

Turn off: There is an ‘On-off’ option on the vacuum cleaner. Press the option and select that mode. Turn off the brush roll on option as well.

Filter replacement: Usually, the vacuum cleaner stops working while the filter is full. Every filter has limited space to gather dust. It can’t load dust when there is no space left in the filter. So, check if something like that happened and replace it with a clean one.

Cool it: Give your vacuum a rest for 50 minutes. Let it cool to work well again. Often, after sucking heavy dust, a 30-50 minute rest is essential. After a short break, the device works at full speed.

Turn on: You need to turn on the device now. Press the ‘I-on’ option to turn the cleaner on. Turn on the ‘brush roll on’ option also. Check if everything is absolutely fine.

Plug again: Now attach the plug to the switchboard. Fix it accurately because a loose connection can be a reason for not working. Check the switchboard as well. Because sometimes the main connection becomes the main fact.

Repair the fuse: It won’t work in case of a fuse connection. Find out if anything like this happened. Repair it first and then plug in the vacuum cleaner.

This is the restarting process. If your vacuum cleaner is working your basic problem is removed and if not there must be any major issue. Don’t worry we will suggest you a way of troubleshooting the major problems as well.

If no other method works for you, these accessories should be replaced.

So, the basic problem is done now it’s the turn for the major issues. Here they are.

Troubleshooting the Common Shark Vacuum Problems or Errors

Among users who faced problems in using the device most of the cases are similar. That’s why we have collected the most common problems and suggested an effective solution for users. If you are having one of them, follow the instruction and fix it on your own. Here are the problems and their solution.

Dirty Filter

After blocked brushroll, dirty filters come to the limelight as the reason for malfunctioning a vacuum cleaner.

A dirty filter can be a reason for your not working vacuum cleaner. Just like the dust cup you need to clean the filters. Normally, there are 2 filters on the top of the motor. One is the foam filter and the other is the felt. Both the filters must be cleaned once a month. To fix the problem just take out the two filters and wash them with warm water (not too hot). Dry them and fix them back. Your vac will work again.

These filters are not meant to serve forever. If it is too dirty to be properly washed, or if you think that you should buy a new one – you may use the search bar below.

Not turning On

It happens many times that the setup is done awesome and you have followed every single instruction given in the manual but still it’s not connecting. Don’t freak out. In such cases, the actual problems remain on the plug or the main connection. If you are facing this, just check the plug if it’s okay or not. If everything is okay, check the switchboard and the main connection area. Hope you will sort it out.

Auto Turn off

it usually happens that you turn it on and it gets turned off itself. Irritating right? The reason behind this is the loose connection or the problem with the motor. Check out the motor and fix it if it has lost its working power. Apply the restart procedure we have suggested in the basic setup, you will get a good result.

Overloaded Dust Cup

Mainly, the dust cup collects all the dust and stuck dirt. So, it’s obvious to clean the dust cup at least 3 days a week. Your vacuum cleaner dust cup has a fixed space to gather dust. Once the cup is full it’s normal to stop working. So, if your vac is not working check the dust cup. Besides, according to the cup’s size have an idea of how much dust it can load and when you should clean it.

Prevent your shark vacuum from losing suction and details on the dust cup.

Stuck Brush

If you all the parts of your vacuum cleaner you know how important a roller brush is. Because of heavy and sticky dust, the roller gets stuck and stops spinning. Dust like hair, yarn, and other small materials get stuck into the brush and stop it to work. To fix this out you need to clean the roller and the brush as well. You can give it a dry wash with an old used toothbrush. In case of too much dirt cut the debris. So basically, cleaning the brush will fix the problem.

Problems with The Air Duct

There might be problems in the air duct area. The vacuum sucks all the dust with the help of an air duct. But the sucking process can get stopped because of some reasons. Sometimes any kind of large and stuck material can block the duct. If your vac has stopped sucking check the air duct if anything has blocked the way.

Wrong Set-up

The wrong setup is an important fact that may cause your vac not to work. To fix it, you need to read the manual very well and follow every single step. Most of the time the start option is not turned on the brush roll option is off and the vacuum cleaner does not work. So, set it accurately to work correctly.

Motor Replacement

The motor is the major part of the vacuum cleaner. It helps to run it accordingly and provides the power of working. There might be problems with the motor. In this case, you have to replace the motor with a new one. First of all, try to fix it if it can’t be fixed replace it with a new one. But it’s better to get a new vacuum cleaner than to buy a motor. Because the cost is almost equal.

This guide will help, shark navigator upright vacuum motor replacement

A blocked hose can be a reason why the device is not working. Sometimes just like the air duct the hose also gets blocked by dirt. Check the hose and pull out the dirt to fix it back to work. A clog in the hose is another reason for the blockage. If there is any clog in the hose lay the vacuum cleaner down and search for the blockage and clean it out.

Blockage in the Hose

This video from Clint Moar might help you, watch it.

Nozzle Attachment

Suppose, you have done everything excellent. The cup is cleaned the filter is washed there is no blockage on the air duct or hose but still, the machine is not working. Do you know why? Because the main power is not there. You need to attach the nozzle very carefully. Check if the position is accurate. A loose nozzle won’t provide power to the cleaner and it won’t turn on.

Customer Service Help

Every customer gets a minimum of 2 years of warranty (it can be more) while buying the device. So, if you can’t solve the problem contact the customer service at 1-800-798-7398.


As a vacuum cleaner is a daily helping device, it often gets stopped by various problems. And every time taking it to mechanics for repair is trouble.

So, it’s awesome to learn to repair it yourself. To do so you need to know the parts of your vacuum cleaner very well. Besides, cleaning them regularly is a must. Because most of the time the vacuum cleaner stops working because of the stuck dust and blocked area.

So, keep your vacuum cleaner clean to provide you with the perfect cleaning service.

Hope the article is helpful. Follow the instructions and troubleshoot your shark vacuum cleaner yourself easily. Thanks for being with us until the end.

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    • I am having this same problem. I had my last one for 3 plus years and worked great. Changed battery and cleaned out vacuum and still had issues. I decided to buy a new one at Walmart less then a month ago and only used it a few times and I am having the same issue again. I called Shark and they told me I had no warranty and that they can help me but I have to pay to get any answers. I am disappointed and plan on returning to Walmart.

    • I have a shark as the 1110 cordless vacuum my problem is I’ve cleaned everything out the actual Bass the where the roller is that goes on the carpet that will turn on both speeds if the handle attachment that contains the motor in the dust cup and everything is not attached once I attach it to the floor unit it stopped working I am at my Wit’s end I do not know what the problem could be I’ve checked for any clogged debris I’ve even taken another vacuum and vacuumed it out I cannot seem to get it to work do you have any idea what might be my problem thank you for any information you may be able to provide

  1. I have a Shark Rotator Professional vacuum and the brush roller quit rotating, everything else seems to be working fine, any recommendations to fix would be appreciated

    • We have a Shark Professional vacuum and the brushes stopped spinning when using. The brush roller is clean of hair and threads and you can spin by hand. The belts are good. We were thinking the motor could be bad but before we spend the money to replace the motor we want to know if that this could the problem. Thanks Jim

      • I had this problem. I watched a video on removing the brush. It turned out there is a small white connector under the white top that had come disconnected from the board on the red part. I plugged them together and put all the screws back and it worked.

  2. Hi I have just purchased a shark liftaeay NV601UK it is an amazing vacuum the only issue I have is that the pet brush attachment does not work the brush does not move can you give me any advise on why it does not work all the other attachments work fine with it just that one and it’s the most importtsnt one for me as we have two dogs and that’s the whole reason for purchasing the shark
    Many thanks

    • Hey Dorothy,
      The belt is not turning means there is a problem with the connection. Make sure that the teeth of the belt and brush roller are placed properly.

      • Hello! I have a shark vacuum, can’t remember the exact model but it has the duo brush roll. I heavily rely on it as I am a house cleaner. I’ve had this one for a few months now and it seems really loud lately and the motor exaggerates when when I turn it off haha. I’ve cleaned everything but no improvement, and still has good suction. Is there a safe way to clean the motor or something with an air compressor?

  3. Newer Shark rotator, worked fine first few times but after using it today it would not turn off and had to be unplugged from wall! I waited a few minutes used it again and same thing, would not shut off!

      • Hi. Mine won’t lift away. It looks as if it hasn’t been put on properly and is stuck how can I release it without breaking it

        • The wand is stuck on mine and won’t release. And no I don’t have the cord wound on it. I’ve tried everything. The button doesn’t look like it’s broken but it doesn’t have much resistance either.

  4. I have a Shark Duo Clean. It had a clog at the hose where the rotating brush is attached. I removed the clog and the hose seems to be cleared. but the vacuum is still not sucking and picking up dog hair, as there’s no dust coming to dust cup and the dog hair Just sticks to the brush roller. The red light on rotating brush keeps coming on. Can the panel on back be removed where there are deep holes that might be for removing screws to make sure there’s no clogs in there.

    • Hello Marlene,
      Sorry for such late late reply. Was caught up into life. Anyway, definitely a blockage here. Did you manage to fix the issue?

    • Hey Sherry,
      In order to secure a tight fit, the belt has to be a bit short than it should. You have to loose the brush roller first. then attach it with the free point of the belt and pressurize until the brush roller gets back to its position.

  5. I just bought a shark. Apex vac it doesnt turn on. My name is jeannie brick

  6. Love my shark vac and I love it but came to use it this morning and the light is on but it’s not working. I’ve cleaned everything

    • Hello Julie,
      It is quite disheartening to listen to such news. What went wrong? Have you figured it out yet?

    • Hi
      We have a shark lift-away, works ok on carpet mode but when you switch it to hard floor the front light comes on but the motor does not engage. Any ideas most welcome
      Kind regards

    • I have the cordless shark navigator. Worked fine for 2 1/2 years. Then one day when fully charged I tried to use it and it turned on for 2 seconds and then off. Have tried to turn it on several days in a row. Light indicates full charge. Has been perfect until this sudden occurrence. Never used on carpet. Hard floors only.

  7. I have a shark rocket. I cannot get it to stand up on its own. Can you help me with this minor, but annoying issue?

  8. I am on my second IonFlex. The first on hit it’s first year anniversary, would run for a 3-5 minutes, shuts off and the lights start blinking! Customer service for there products are awful! I called, refused to do anything! The place I purchased it gave me new one no questions asked! The second one hit it’s one year and is doing the same thing!! Shutting off with blinking lights!! No more! Going back to my Dyson!

    • Excellent choice!! except for the high price, Dyson outweighs Shark on every aspect. And I do not see the high price as unusual, if you want to get better, you’ll have to pay better,

    • I purchased a Shark and was excited because back problems are an issue. My Shark will run for a few minutes and stop and just sit and beep. It is it’s normal pattern and I am very disappointed. It is exhausting to follow it around and keep pushing the “clean” button to start it up again.

  9. Hi there,
    I recently started using a new Shark Nv752 rotator powered lift away and after using the lift away feature and an attachment, it won’t go back together. I thought, maybe I’m making this too difficult and am mechanically inclined, but for the life of me have found no trick to get it to slide all the way back in and click, it’s as if the end piece is too wide and not going down far enough to hear the click and make the connection. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Getting dusty.

    • I have the same issue. Mine is a Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Blue
      ASIN: B00JH98GR4

      It will not connect at the very bottom like it almost connects but does not connect completely. There are some gaps in the vacuum base where it connects the brush part and the middle base.

  10. Hi i have bought shark rocket hv320 before 2 months. It was working properly till this day. But today my cousin took it for vaccuming.. After 1 hour continous use its suction stopped working.
    Brush roll is properly rotating. Light bulbs ar also working but there is no suction at all.. I tried everything ckeand nossels clea ed dust cup and cleand all filters but all in vain there is still no suction at all…. Plz plz plz help as i have bought it from amzon. In and there is no service center for shark rocket in kashmir india. Plz help

    • Ask your cousin, he knows what he did to f**k the shark.

      Anyway, just kidding, don’t bother doing that. Such can happen anytime and I think your cousin has nothing to do with it. (Still worth asking what he did though, 😉

      Check the video out and see if it helps to get back the desired suction of your vacuum cleaner. Thanks

  11. My shark vac navigator handle attachment red button release is lose and not detaching! When I try to use it the handle clicks. By handle I mean the area that’s suppose to be released when pushing the red button.

  12. I have a Shark Cordless Ion X40 vacuum that is about a month old. It started blinking the green light on the beater bar that flashes and will not engage the beater bar. I cleaned the beater bar and charged it up, but this did not fix the issue. I appreciate any help with this!

  13. I bought an Apex about 3 months ago. The front soft roller is not working. It doesn’t spin. I took it apart and removed the roller to check for anything that might be preventing it from spinning and didn’t find any dirt or anything. Is there a band that spins it? If so, where can I get one? And how do I replace it.

  14. I have two Navigators that my parents have had for a few years and we have had problems ever since day one but they wanted the darn things because they were convinced they were the best on the market. They have both passed away now and they are my problems. Im going to throw away these hunk of junks in the trash and buy something worth having that the Buttons wont break and wont stay together, always a filter stopped up somewhere and loosing suction. Both are doing the same thing so it is a design flaw that im sure the company knew about after a while of getting complaints. I have read to much on the internet of people having the same issues. NO MORE JUNK Sharks!!@

  15. We have cordless Shark vacuum cleaner. The navigating stick won’t stay in, look like little roller one side broken. Where (Durban / Pinetown South Africa) or how can it be fixed?

  16. Shark IF200UK which keeps going off I have checked and cleaned all filters and cylinder battery is fully charged i live in luton bedfordshire only abouy 18 months can you help or recommend where in the UK i can find help it was purchased from PC World

    • Bought from which PC world? don’t they provide warranty?

      Anyway, since the battery is still totally functional as you speak – I am guessing some lose wire joint in someplace. A thorough checking should fix the problem.

  17. Hello George Michael. I have a Shark Navigator Freestyle model SV1106. My vacuum sounds like it does have no power left when in use, I have replaced the battery pack with a new one, bought new charger, still doing the same thing. i like my vacuum would like to be able to keep it working, can you help? Thank you for any help.

    • Hello Ana, sorry to hear about the inconvenience. Does your SV1106 pick up a little or completely not at all? SV1106 is not known for its suction power though, but as you said – this shouldn’t be.
      I think there is some mechanical malfunction and it should be repaired.

      Anyway, how old is your SV1106? This should be covered by the warranty.

  18. I have a Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away (NV501). I’ve cleaned all of the filters but the hose is in desperate need of cleaning. I took all of the screws out on the handle to detach the hose to clean it. But I still can’t get the handle off. I also just read somewhere that there is a wire inside that would have to be re-soldered. Is it even possible to detach the hose, clean it (with vinegar and baking soda) and reattach? I’m afraid of breaking the handle to get the hose out. And also of course getting the hose out and finding I CAN’T clean it because of a wire.

  19. I have two shark navigators. One works perfectly. The other one doesn’t suck into the cup but deposits dust on the foam filter. Can’t figure out what the problem is!

  20. My Shark up wright vacuum cleaner is 12 months old however is judders when pulling back on the carpet. Any advice [please?

  21. I have a Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M Powered Lift-away Upright Vacuum. It seems to be working OK but today the white lights (not the roller light) that usually stay on while using it are blinking.

  22. Hi my Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner – NV600UKT
    Has stopped lifting anything when upright, brush still can rotate for carpets and no red light, it’s really heavy to push across floor but work fine when using lift away,
    Have cleaned brushes and nothing blocking it any ideas please

  23. Hi, I just opened the roller section of my Shark because it was making a clunking noise when in use. When I pulled it all apart, a battery fell oy and I can’t work out where it goes!

  24. Hi, I have a shark lift away it’s been working find but the brunch stops when it’s pulled backwards, any help u can offer to help fix this would be great, thanks

    • Please be a bit more clearer. The tiny brushroll of the stair brush stuck? or the stair brush itself is stuck to the vacuum and won’t come off

  25. The wand on my Shark upright sounds like it is clicking into place but the wand release button stays depressed which means I am unable to use in an upright position as the wand just pulls out as I pull it back towards me? What is going wrong? The customer helpline is impossible to get through to.

  26. I have the shark anti hair wrap upright. not had it long, does not get used a lot. me and my partner both work. i went from carpet to vinyl floor the hoover made a loud popping sound now there is no suction i have checked pipes-hoses-and filters

    • You did the right thing checking the hose, filters, and stuff. In most of the cases, a clogged hose is a reason for loud noises and less suction. Anyway, since this is not the reason, I think there’s a technical issue. You should contact shark support.

  27. Hi. My vacuum turns on and works when I turn it on for the 1st position – floor. But when I turn to the 2nd position – carpet, it isn’t kicking in and picking up the dirt. I have cleaned the filters and there isn’t a clog in any hoses. When I take the hose off, I feel suction. Just doesn’t “kick in” to clean the carpet.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  28. Hi I have a Shark Pet Lift away and in 13 months have had 3 complete new hoovers sent to me… wonderful efficient customer care, amazing hoover when it works…for no reason the green headlight goes off and there is no rotation with the brush roll…no hair no clogging, no dirty filters …I am so upset this surely has to be a design fault…I cant keep sending it back and waiting for a replacement hoover as I have two dogs… I have now purchased a cheapy hoover that works very well … has anyone else suffered this…also I should add everytime they send me a new hoover (always the same model) the green light never comes on initially either we have to put our foot on the brushroll lid and hope it comes on….. sorry to have rambled on… I just feel that I threw a lot of money away on a very badly designed hoover

  29. My Shark Navigator ZU62 is making a horrific noise when in carpet mode. When I checked roller I found what looks like a small smooth rubber belt. Is this in fact a belt? How do I replace this?

  30. Just purchased a Shark Navigator NV 100 Series and the indicator light on the brush does not come on when cleaning carpets. The brushes are spinning but no indicator light. Your expeditious reply would be most appreciated.

  31. I cleaned the brushes and they work but I cannot get the cover to snap back on. I ordered a new cover, I can’t get it to snap on either. It doesn’t look like anything has broken. What am I doing wrong?

  32. Hi … I’m having some issues with our new Shark Apex Duo Clean Zero M vacuum which was purchased 5 months ago. I was using the detachable hose portion when vacuum started making a funny sound then stopped working. When vacuum is upright and I push the ON button the lights come on but no sound until I engage the floor position to vacuum. The vacuum seems to kind of work on floor mode (but sounds weird) but will not engage while in detached hose mode. The light on the detached hose will come on but that’s it … no noise motor sound nothing in hose mode. There was a block in the hose which I cleared out but didn’t seem to fix it. Any ideas?

  33. My shark vacuum is making a loud noise like its clogged but it’s not if you take the canister off it’s still loud it has il suction but it is really loud and the motor gets way hot it doesn’t matter if the canister is on or not

  34. Me and my man have a Shark Vacuum it’s not clogged but won’t hardly suck up the dirt and the handle hose won’t work also the vacuum gets hot what should I do it’s a Shark Duo

  35. Hi. I have a shark cordless vacuum, I can’t remember the model. It seems to be sucking up dirt but as soon as I lift it off the ground, it drops dirt onto the floor. I’ve checked everywhere for blockages, cleaned the filters, nothing works. What else can I do?

  36. My brand new Shark Apex that I received last month for Christmas has a problem of the soft roller, popping off all the time and can’t seem to get it to lock back on…any suggestions? Thanks, Lily

  37. I have a sharp APEX brand new for Christmas , so only a few weeks old…Soft roller brush keeps falling off. When I clip it back in, it still falls off continuosly. Can you advise please..Gets real tiresome bending every 20 seconds…

  38. Good morning, I have a Shark NV752 and am in the process of replacing the lower hose at the rotator joint. For the last couple months I’ve been having issues with the vacuum “shorting out” (turns itself off and then on again)… observation indicating that it may have something to do with the rotator joint area in it’s upright function as it seems that when I’m operating the vacuum independent of the lower portion, I don’t encounter any issues. Can you pinpoint the likely area of the issue and is it accessible to replacing or re-sildering wiring?

  39. I have a Navigator Freestyle cordless. I bought one a few years ago and love it!! I also have a few that I got cheep at the Goodwill for parts.

    The original has been cleaned completely and is still having the same problem. The vacuum flickers on/off at random time while in use. It seams to be related to the handle when it turns side to side, back and forth. I also flickers when the handle is stationary.

    Any ideas?

    Tx Ed-G

  40. We have a severe problem with dust buildup on lower areas of everything…our maintenance person thought it was our vacuum cleaner, which was a Shark…so we bought a new Shark Navigator and are finding the same issue…we notice dust all over the cleaner when finished…could it be the because there is no height adjustment on the brush….we get strong suction and are pleased with that, but the dust issue is terrible…wooden furniture is covered with dust on the lower areas…table legs, doorways, mop boards, etc… very upsetting .

  41. Hello! I have the Shark DuoClean Apex Powered Lift Away. A few weeks ago, I noticed that even the thick carpet setting was REALLY sucking into my thick carpet and making it hard to push. It has not always been like this. And, when on the regular carpet setting, it seem sto REALLY be sucking into my low pile carpet. I’m wondering what could have changed causing my vacuum to super-suck making it hard to push?

  42. we have a shark professional lift away upright vacuum when in use the air come out off the front filter constantly and gets very warm we had it serviced and cleaned but still does the same thing is this a common problem

    • I have been having this problem as well. On here searching to see if anyone else has had the same issue and what they have done to correct. I have replaced all filters, cleaned out hoses, canisters and rollers. Nothing seems to help. It still has good suction and picks up, just have the hot air blowing out the front along with a loud noise (not sure how to explain the noise other than loud).

  43. I have a shark navigator and the brush works fine but I have no suction. I have taken it completely apart and checked for clogs and there are NONE. Any other suggestions?

  44. I have a new Shark Apex purchased on QVC @ five months ago. I loved it. Then this week the motor stopped working suddenly. The lights on so power is not an issue. If I let it sit unplugged hours, the next day, it may work for a few minutes then the motor shuts down again. Extremely frustrated! Help please I just disposed of box day before it died.

  45. Hi I have a shark duo clean circles and I have just cleaned out the filter and dust cap.put it back together and now I have no power and all the lights are flashing when I go to switch it on.battery has just been charged and inserted.I don’t know what could be wrong. It has never done this before.any suggestions would be appreciated.thanks.

  46. I have a 400 Rotator and wanted the Floor Duster attachment. I found one on eBay. I got it today but it does not fit on the end of my wand. Is there a gizmo that can go on the end of my wand so that the Floor Duster will fit?

  47. I have a Shark 1001AE which is displaying two green blinking lights and one orange light…….with an error message saying there is an obstruction under the robot. Trust me….there is NO obstruction in either the drive wheels, the long rotating brush, the vacuum itself or the 360 degree swivel wheel. Nothing in owner’s manual in reference to this type of error warning lights. I called customer service (have had vacuum 14 months) who stated it’s out of warranty……so I asked if part(s) were available to remedy this issue… which the response I was given was “If the robot was under warranty, we would repair for you. Since it is out of warranty, the parts required are not available for sale”. WHAT?
    I will take off the long rotating brush and the robot has ran for over an hour normally….but even on a flat floor, it will stop, go into alarm and those three lights will start flashing. Anyone have any ideas? Responses are appreciated.

  48. We recently purchased a Rotator Lift-away Pro upright –
    We must have vacuumed something up and it started making unusual sounds like something rolling around and hitting the side of something inside it, WE removed the hoses, etc, and located the noise in the part directly below the collection canister. We turned it upside down to see if it would fall out. Nothing fell out. When we turned vacuum on again, the noise was gone, but we are still waiting to see if it’s going to vacuum as it should.

  49. Hi, I have a shark robot vac and i have it scheduled to come on everyday at 11am for about 60 minutes each day. My issue is that it comes on at least twice a day and sometimes three times a day. what is up with this and how do I fix it? Thank in advance.

  50. I have a shark and it works find except when vacuuming the filter in front will pop off. and fly across the room. I make sure it’s on good. The front cover is always snaped in good. What could be causing this. I’ve had it several years and it just started doing this.


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