Does Roomba Work On Carpet? Your Questions Answered

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If you are planning to buy a new Roomba vacuum cleaner but skeptical about its performance on carpet, quick answer for you – massive suction power is needed to perform well on carpet.
The latest and pricey models are always equipped with strong motor which is responsible for greater suction power.
Roomba i7 and i7+ are currently the latest robotic vacuum cleaners from roomba, and these are the most suction power enriched vacuum cleaner too. To check them click here.

IRobot is one of the popular floor-cleaner device available in the market. But people often come with questions like whether it can handle all types of floor. To be specific, does Roomba work on thick carpet? And if it does, then how well?

Well, not all robot vacuums are suitable for all type of floors. For example, if you have a Roomba that is specially designed for hardwood floors, it won’t work on carpet.

Speaking of the design, whereas Roomba has robotic vacuum cleaners specially designed for bare floors; it has robotic vacuum cleaners specially designed for carpets in its line-up too. You all know the basic, to perform great on carpets – the suction must have to be great.

The manufacturer company iRobot has boosted up the suction power of their recent robot vacuum cleaners like the Roomba i7 and i7+. In the robotic vacuum cleaner industry, Roomba is well-known for its massive suction power comparing the other robot vacuum cleaner brands. Now think, twice the suction power in these two models than what you’d get before. These are relentless whenever you have some real thick carpets. You should check these two.

Roomba i7+ with automatic disposal

Roomba i7+ with automatic dirt disposal

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Again, which Roomba model you have and how thick your carpet are two significant factors. In this article, we’ll discuss the usefulness of a Roomba cleaner on thick carpet.

Does Roomba Work On Thick Carpet?

As I’ve already mentioned, it depends on both. For carpet, you must choose one that comes with a powerful motor having great suction.

Following are the features that a Roomba need to have for cleaning a thick carpet.

Great Suction:

The motor must be powerful enough to collect almost all the dirt hiding under the threads of your carpet.

Great Clearance:

The vacuum must come with a high clearance which most of the robot cleaners doesn’t have. That’s why they aren’t suitable for carpet. It should contain large wheels so that it doesn’t get stuck on the edges so easily.

Greater Dustbin:

A carpet hides the larger amount of dust, pet hair than floors without carpet. Therefore, the dustbin must have a higher capacity so that it can collect and store all of it. It’s more significant especially when you have to clean a lot of rooms having carpet on the floor.

But a dilemma lies here. Since it is a battery-powered electronics, the weight is an issue. A heavy unit means consumption of excessive power, that means less runtime. To solve this issue, We have been introduced with a very recent innovation by Roomba, which allows self dirt disposal.

Whenever the dirt bin is completely full, a compatible Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner will go to a way bigger dirtbag containing dock all by itself and dispose of the pieces of dirt. It is called Authentic Parts Clean Base or Automatic Dirt Disposal. The Roomba i7+ is equipped with this item. You might want to check that out.
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This Authentic Parts Clean Base is sold separately too. Check that below.

iRobot automatic dirt disposal

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The giant dirtbag inside it is capable of swallowing the dirt of 30 dirt bins. You can forget to clean the dirtbag for a serious amount of time here.

N:B: This automatic dirt disposal unit is compatible with the Roomba I series robotic vacuum cleaners only.

The weight of the Robot Vacuum

Carpet piles, especially ones from thick carpets, are likely to push robot cleaner out of the carpet piles. So, a heavy vacuum will help the suction duct to stay deeper in piles of the carpet. But as you know, you can’t get a real heavy robot cleaner because they have to run on batteries. Still, if you’ve to deal with thick carpet quite often, try to get a heavy Roomba for your home.

So, the verdict here? If you do not mind less runtime out of your Roomba Robot – you can go ahead, figure out the heaviest Roomba robot ever produced and buy that.

I went ahead and figured out the heaviest Roomba robot for you. The Roomba 980 is the heaviest among them all. You may check that below.
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The best advice would be to keep an eye on the Roomba for the first few sessions. Make any correction that is necessary. It may have to empty the canister in every 15-20 minutes for the first few times. A powerful Roomba collected dirt from the deep of the carpet which less powerful Roomba fails to do. But it’ll stop after when the Roomba clean an area 2-3 times.

Quick Guide: Roomba 880 Vs 980

Now, for those who would really mind a lesser runtime out of their Roomba robot – do not get disheartened yet. Only weight cannot outrun the stubborn carpets? Strong suction power is a must. And if you can manage a robust suction power, excessive weight can be checked out of the list. I have already introduced you with the two robotic vacuums of the latest Roomba I series. In case you missed that, I am leaving them here for you again.

How do you know how well the Roomba is performing?

You have to observe the indicator light at the top of the device. It’s like a magnifying glass. When it’s solid blue, it means that the device is in intensive mode. That time it’ll start moving either in a spiral or in a fan shape. And if you observe starfish blue light, it indicates that the speed of the brush is less than the expected. And if the brush isn’t seemed to be running at all, then you need to stop. Check whether anything is jumbled with the brush or not.

Some Roomba models come with an additional feature called Virtual Wall Lighthouse. Its specialty is that you can follow a distinct cleaning pattern with your Roomba. You can divide the area is to be cleaned in small sections that are dangerous for the robot cleaner.  For instance, you can close off the area with the lighthouse where there is shag carpeting. So the device won’t be able to enter into the area and protect itself from damage during cleaning.

Now coming to the carpet, the thickness also matters. But serious types of trouble occur when there’s shag carpeting because it can lead to burning out of the motor.


Errors in Roomba While Cleaning A Thick Carpet

Various models behave variously when an error is found. Some give you only a few beeps and you have to guess the error by the number of beeps. Some can announce the error in a robotic voice. Other display errors as codes along with beeps. However, the codes more or less are identical in various models. But you must know how to interpret the beeps or codes.

However, the errors can be classified into two categories-

Cleaning Errors

A number of cleaning errors can take place when The Roomba is on duty of cleaning up your thick carpets. There are clear indicators (beeps) emitting from the device to let you identify that what it’s stuck with. Here is a quick list of the ‘Number of Beeps’ and Kind of error it indicates-

Number of Beeps What’s The Cleaning Error?
1 Beep Hung on a side wheel or Roomba got stuck.
2 Beeps Probably some hair is troubling it to function.
5 Beeps One of the wheels has got obstructed.
6 Beeps Sensors get dirty or the Roomba gets stuck on the side of a cliff.
7 Beeps Similar to 5 beeps error, one of the side wheels is obstructed.
8 Beeps Only the front wheel is stuck. Or the entire vacuum is stuck as well.
9 Beeps Either the bumper sensor is dirty or the section between the bumper and Roomba is dirty.
10 Beeps Side wheels are unable to spin totally

Charging Errors

Unlike cleaning errors, the charging errors are indicated by Blinks. Just like the cleaning errors, the number of blinks is indicators of different types of issues with the charging and battery system. Have a look-

Number of Beeps What’s The Charging Error?
1 Blink The battery’s not connected
2 Blinks The unit to be overheated
3 Blinks Charging error
5 Blinks Need to reset or remove the pull tab
6 Blinks Battery’s overheated
7 Blinks Battery continues being overheated

5 Tips for Better Cleaning With A Roomba

I guess you’re quite aware of the issues and advantages of cleaning a thick carpet with iRobot Roomba. However, don’t quite the page yet. We have got a few cool tips that will make your cleaning experience better and trouble-free:

  • Purchase a virtual wall that can be used to block certain parts of the house or floor that you don’t want your Roomba to crawl.
  • Change the filter of the vacuum after every 2-3 months of using. This will keep the optimal performance up.
  • If you live in a small place, keep the battery off the unit while it’s not at work. This will maximize battery life.
  • If you live in a house where frequent dust cleaning is required, empty the dust cleaner every now and then.
  • Do a COMPLETE clean of the unit after every 4-8 uses. Be sincere while doing a deep cleaning of the brushes. Take some expert’s help if you’re new at this.

Final Verdict

Now coming to the conclusion, does Roomba work on thick carpet? The answer would certainly be yes! But not all of its models. If you ask for my suggestion, I like to recommend you the Roomba models from 800 series. These have the virtual wall lighthouse feature to make your work easier.

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  1. My I Roomba keeps saying that the Benes full and needs to be empty but it’s not full replace it and cleaned it put brand new brushes and rollers a nude side brushes and everything and it’ll run for a while then it says the benis full I don’t understand why or what’s wrong with it listen to clean new filter how can I fix this because it stops it will say the bin is full into the bent and then it stops


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