Hot Water Extraction For Effective Carpet Cleaning Method – Manufacturers Choice

Cleaning is something that no one can deny. We can stay without anything but not proper sanitation.

Whenever we clean our upholstery, carpets, and other things with water, we think that they are clean.

But are they actually clean? If cold or regular water can clean everything in a hygienic manner then why does the manufacturer recommend using Professional Hot Water Extraction for ideal cleaning of carpets?

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Hot Water Extraction

Basic Details of Hot Water Extraction

According to the manufacturer, this is basic science. The reason for recommending hot water extraction is the temperature of hot water.

The water must be hot enough to clean the carpet. But how much hot do you need? Yes, the temperature of the water is important.

The water shouldn’t be excessively hot and boils your carpet too.

Hear it from the Carpet Manufacturer

The Carpet and Rugs –

The carpet users should know that The Carpet and Rugs Institute suggests they use a proper carpet cleaning method.

The carpet should be cleaned once every 12 months to 18 months. With what should you clean your carpets?

Yes, again, the name Professional Hot Water Extraction comes up!

Shaw Industries – ShawINC

Shaw Industries is a renowned manufacturer in the Carpet Industry. They are considered the world’s largest industry that deals with carpet manufacturing.

Their manufacturer also advocates professional hot water extraction. They researched on their own to know the details of carpet cleaning.

They expressed the results related to hot water extraction in their maintenance brochure.

The manufacturer of Shaw Industries states that they have found that there are researches that show that the professional hot water extraction method can afford the ultimate competence for cleaning.

They also explained that the process of hot water extraction might seem like steaming, but this process does not include steaming at all!

Mohawk Carpets –

Users of carpets must have heard about the Carpet Manufacturer industry of Mohawk Carpets.

According to them, nothing can protect your carpet from the daily dirt and dust more than hot water extraction.

Not only the manufacturers but also the producers of carpet fiber recommend that users use this method.


The manufacturer company named DuPont is a top-notch industry for manufacturing the best carpets in the world.

The manufacturer of this company also claims the importance of hot water extraction.

In their instruction, they explain that hot water extraction is required for their carpets once every 18 months. They also stated that it refreshes their carpet texture.

Microbiological Test

The microbiological test by William C. McDonald, a Microbiological Consultant, also supports hot water extraction. It says that hot water extraction can lessen the intensity of microorganisms.

The test compared the “before and after” condition of the cleaning.

Bacteria, mold, and yeast were also tested. It proved that hot water extraction minimizes about 96% of germs.

They also mentioned that no harsh chemicals would be there on the carpets after you clean them with hot water extraction.

Usage of Hot Water Extraction

Most of the carpet owners, along with the manufacturers of the carpets, suggest we settle on hot water extraction because they know the positive aspect of using it.

  • Hot water extractions are used chiefly for cleaning natural fibers. This is because hot water extraction can easily prevent shrinkage. More than any other cleaning method, hot water can avoid contraction and keep the carpet shrinkage-free.
  • Vacuuming will clean the outer portion of your house. What about a deep clean for your carpet? The bottom part of a carpet can trap dust, cigarette smoke, and even pet hair. It is very important to clean the carpets in the proper technique.
  • There are a lot of ways of cleaning Carpets, which include dry cleaning and shampooing too. But as the manufacturers say, hot water extraction is the best technique according to the environmental impact, safety, and efficiency.
  • There are many times when we see that Hot Water Extraction is named as Steam Cleaning. But there is a huge difference between both of these. In the Hot Water Extraction, there will be no association of Steam.

Process of Effective Cleaning

In the process of hot water extraction, the water is usually heated. According to sources, the temperature of the heat should be 122-448 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the water, a cleaning solution should also be added for heating up.

Often we see that carpets have stains on them. Hot water extraction works incredibly in this situation too. It can remove stains easily with the power of heat. In this process, specific truck-mounted equipment is used.

First, an ALKALINE cleaning solution should be used on the carpet surface. Then it should be slightly stirred up with a brush.

Then the cleaning solution should be passed all over the carpet thoroughly. After this, the pre-conditioner should be rinsed out.

Later, the carpet should be dried up. When drying up, the user should keep in mind that there can be moisture damage (to any wooden furniture which is below), and they should be careful about this.

Process of Effective Cleaning

Advantages of Hot Water Extraction according to the Manufacturer

Deep Cleaning:

There will be users who will recommend shampooing for cleaning their carpets.

Dry cleaning is also recommended by users at times. As these cleaning methods are very easy, users feel comfortable doing them.

But these can be done every week. What about cleaning the carpets from tip to toe? There are reasons behind manufacturers recommending hot water extraction.

Millions of germs that are not visible stay hidden under and inside the carpet. Would you ever be able to clean it from the core with shampooing?

Dry cleaning or regular shampooing may seem easy, but they work on the surface only.

They will be only capable of affording you a superficial cleaning. But if you use hot water extraction, you can clean your carpet deeply.

Carpets get excessively dirty, and they can pollute the air of your house if you do not clean them properly. Shampooing or dry cleaning will not be the actual method if you want profound sanitation.

Also, hot water extraction usually cleans every stubborn stain along with the odors and keeps the air of your house pollution and dust-free.


Fewer Residues:

Are you cleaning your carpets with powder? Manufacturers do not support cleaning your carpet with powders. They are highly against dry cleaning too.

By the manufacturers, if you clean your carpet with powder, it can leave residues.

The fact here is we clean our carpets so that we can take out the residues.

The users will face the same problem using any dry cleaner solution or shampooing method. So, it is clear that these procedures are not what users need.

In this case, manufacturers again support professional hot water extraction. It is proven that this process is capable of leaving minimal residues.


We live in a house, and we take care of the environment of the house. So it is our responsibility to care for the environment outside our house.

When manufacturers craft their products, they are bound to keep the environment in mind. And so they always support the facts that can take care of our environment, such as hot water extraction for carpets.

One of the most prominent reasons manufacturers supporting the idea of professional hot water extraction for carpets is the eco-friendly nature of the method.

Hot water extraction doesn’t use any kind of harsh chemicals, and we all know that chemicals can create an imbalance in the environment.

The harsh chemical can also risk your kids. Even pets are not safe if users use chemicals on their carpets.

The best and gentlest solution to this is professional hot water extraction. This will not damage the environment and the people around you so that we can mark it as a safe solution for the effective cleaner of carpets.

So, we can say that if this process of professional hot water extraction is recommended by the best manufacturers, then carpet users must try this so that they can verify the practice and get the best benefit out of them.