How to clean your Shag or High Pile Carpet

Shags have been very famous from 1970 till date. Shags are just like rugs, and the difference between them is shags have longer piles.

Shags are named SHAG because they look very much shaggy, and this nature of the product makes them dirty more often.

They are usually constructed with synthetic fiber and were designed to use in the living rooms of houses.

People these days use them in their dining room and bedroom, too, as they afford a warm and cozy feeling.

Depending on the material, shags are named flokati shags, leather shags, wool shags, acrylic shags, synthetic shags, etc.

As these are fluffy and shaggy, they are tough to clean. If you have one, you must know.

Let us tell you the secrets to cleaning shags in a better way! Let’s dive in!

Vacuum Cleaning Tips

When it is about cleaning shags, the first thing that comes to mind is Vacuum Cleaning. This is the best option to go for if you want your shags clean and not to bear any dirt.

Now, you have to keep in mind that every vacuum cleaner can never be perfect for your shags.

Shags are fluffy, and if you want your shags to keep their fluffiness, then do not use a vacuum cleaner before knowing the smallest details.

Regular Upright Vacuum Cleaners are not designed for shags. We do not recommend regular upright cleaners for cleaning your shags.

It will ruin your favorite shag forever. Not only that, but it may also damage your vacuum cleaner.

If you want the safety of your shag and the carpet cleaner, do not use the regular vacuum cleaners of upright models when you are cleaning your shags; otherwise, the fibers of your shag will get caught up indie the vacuum cleaner.

Yes, vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean shags, but for this, you have to use upholstery attachments. You have to vacuum the shag very slowly, row by row.

If you want to clean the back of the shag, turn it and vacuum it in slowly. Before vacuuming, do not forget to shake the shag for some minutes. It will help you clean the shag from the depth.

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Smack it up

One of the oldest ways to clean shags is by shaking or smacking the shag to clean it properly. All you have to do is take your shag outside first.

You can take it into the backyard, and some people feel that shaking shags for cleaning it works perfectly on the terrace.

It is better to take another person as a helping hand to shake your shag and clean it.

While doing this, you have to ensure that the wind must not blow toward you. You can also hang it upside down at your convenience.

Then you have to beat it hard. To beat it, you can take the help of a mop handle, or you can also use a broom.

You can keep the shag for some hours in the sun. It will kill all the bacteria and poisonous diseases that dirty shag bears. Also, do not forget the UV rays. It may ruin the shag’s color.


Shampooing any shag may seem a little risky for you. Shampoos are not usually made for cleaning shags, but if you want, you can use any carpet-cleaning shampoo for this purpose.

These shampoos are available in a powder format, so it may be a little tough to clean your carpet and get those powders out. We do not recommend this, but you can use this method carefully.

Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean. If you have kids, then you must know that they pour so many liquids on the shag. A glass of wine or a bottle of juice, everything will do the same harm!

You do not need to wash the entire shag, my friend. Before the liquid reaches the back of your shag, all you have to do is soak up the liquid. They say, “the faster, the better.”

Cleaning shags are a tiring and lengthy process. You have to clean it very carefully when it catches dirt from the air.

As we believe that prevention is better than cure, you should prevent your children and other members from eating and drinking in the living room or wherever you have a shag.

You can also prevent them from using shoes inside the house, which will do half your work cleaning the shag!