Can vacuum cleaner replace broom?

Housekeeping is a routine task, and every homeowner tries to take measures ideally suited for maintaining cleanliness.

In pursuit of choosing the best cleaning method, we encounter many questions from users about whether a broom or vacuum cleaner is more effective.

Some people advocate the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners, while others seem convinced by the traditional sweeping method of cleaning the floors. 

In this article, we will try to answer the question Can a vacuum cleaner replace a broom? And we will try our best to conclude this topic with a clear and concise conclusion.

Initially, let’s compare the vacuum cleaner and broom on similar parameters. It will clear the pros and cons of each method to a greater extent.

Can Vacuum Cleaner replace a Broom

Working Method

A broom is a brush attached to a long wooden/steel handle used to sweep the floor. The cleaning brush is made out of straw or stiff grasses, and they come in a variety of hardnesses according to the type of surface.

To clean the floor with a broom, the broom is swept over the floor, and dust is collected at a certain point in the room. Then, the collected dust is transferred to a dustpan for subsequent disposal. 

The vacuum cleaner is a machine that works for you and helps you clean different types of surfaces.

You just push the machine on the floor, and dust, pet hair, and allergens are trapped and collected in a dust chamber.

It requires less effort and time to do the job. Varieties of vacuum cleaners are available in the market with different attachments, features, and styles designed for specific cleaning purposes and surfaces.

It is evident from the above discussion that vacuuming is done by machine, and less time and energy are needed.

At the same time, sweeping is an old manual technique that requires more effort and energy comparatively.

The efficiency of Vacuum Cleaners and Broom

Vacuum cleaners work on a suction mechanism and can efficiently collect dust, pet hair, and other dust particles. At the same time, a broom might leave some dust on the floor.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to clean tight corners and hard-to-access areas; a broom might become handy for such spots.

Further, vacuum cleaners won’t be able to clean your driveway or front doorstep. You will certainly need a broom to clean those areas.

But, when it comes to cleaning a bedroom or TV lounge, a vacuum cleaner is effective, and it will ease your housekeeping requirements.

Health Perspective

The broom can potentially spread the allergens and pollutants back into the air we breathe, aggravating problems for allergy-sensitive individuals.

A vacuum cleaner is effective in picking up these pollutants and retaining them inside a dust chamber. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is known for its effectiveness against pollen, dirt, and other small germs.

Such a vacuum is recommended for homes with persons suffering from asthma and allergy-induced problems.

If you are conscious about your health, then rely on commercial cleaning. They are professional and experienced in the cleaning industry. I would suggest booking a meeting with the Deep cleaning services of Ec Cleaning Co.


A vacuum cleaner is much more versatile than a traditional broom. You can only clean floors and dry surfaces using a broom, whereas a vacuum cleaner is flexible in handling multiple surfaces.

Nowadays, with technological advancements, vacuum cleaners have become portable, effective, and cost-effective solutions for housekeeping requirements.

These machines can clean hard floors, carpets, upholstery, car interior, above floors, pet hair, and allergens. Vacuums have additional tools and attachments that make them versatile and multi-purpose machines.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are also available in markets that are designed to handle wet spills. Robotic vacuums have further automated these household cleaning tasks.

Although they are a bit expensive, they do make your cleaning tasks a breeze.


Brooms are cost-effective as compared to vacuum cleaners. One should not compare a vacuum with a broom over price.

Vacuum cleaners are available in price tags depending upon the features and attachments. But investing in a vacuum cleaner is worth the money, and you will undoubtedly appreciate the decision.


Vacuum cleaners are the modern-day solutions to cleaning your floor and are superior to a traditional broom. They can replace brooms and may prove productive in keeping your floors clean.

But, few exceptions do exist where a broom is required. You would certainly need a broom to clean the driveway and your doorstep.

You will also appreciate using a broom to clean a small floor area for emergency cleaning instead of bringing in a vacuum for small activities.