Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022 – Vacuum Cleaners And Carpet Cleaners

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Hello, fellow discount lovers. We are on the verge of Amazon prime day, 2019. The problem is we know nothing about which products will get a price cut on this Amazon prime day until it arrives. Well, to be frank, we only know when it is Amazon prime day and it is July 15-16.

Do not get disheartened yet, we might have some insight on the prime day deals! According to past experience, the discounts we saw on the previous year’s prime day – most likely we’ll see those discounts this year too.

Moreover, some market trembling vacuum cleaners like Roomba iRobot robot vacuum cleaners and some Dyson vacuums are already being sold at a massive discount. Most probably these discounts will be carried on throughout the prime day too.

Why wait for the prime day? When you can get these very pricy vacuum cleaners paying almost half price, NOW!!!

Roomba dominates in the robotic vacuum cleaner arena and the Dyson vacuum cleaners dominate while traditional vacuum cleaners like upright cordless or corded upright or canister vacuum cleaners are on the mind.

Amazon Prime Day Vacuum Cleaner Deals 2022

Amazon prime day deals - vacuumist

So it is really great when discounts are applied to these vacuum cleaners and we, the regular buyers get a chance to try out these gigantically priced vacuum cleaners. Let’s check out those.

Disclaimer: This is an expired page written intended for the Amazon Prime Day Deals, 2021 Now Amazon Prime Day is over. However, you can always check below to get an overview of this year’s Amazon Prime Day deals.

First, check out the Roomba iRobot deals. The first one is the most amazing in my opinion because it lets you try out an iRobot with the new feature.

Roomba iRobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Discounts that are currently going on:

The iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) deal is gone, but do not worry. More appealing Prime Day Deals on Roomba Robotic Vacuums are here already. Check the link below to check them!!

This two-pack of iRobot Virtual Wall Barrier gets discounts too.

Now, for those householders with messy children. As I am one, I was very much excited after Roomba announced that an iRobot with wet and damp mopping is coming soon. They name it iRobot Braava. After the iRobot Braava came out, I bought one right away. I mean, who does not want a permanent automatic solution to clean up the mess after every time your children create one?

Now I am pretty much relieved. All I have to do is to turn on the iRobot Braava and it does its job itself. It roams on itself, seeks out the mess that requires wet mopping, and does the wet mopping, all by itself.

It is time for you to check out this precious tech. And now is the best time to try because discounts are on.

So this was the list of Roomba iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners with massive price drops – currently going on.

Now, I am very much happy to apprise you that some other robotic vacuum cleaners are on discount too. The problem with Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaners is that they are pricier than other robotic vacuum cleaners. But when a less-priced robotic vacuum cleaner gets even another additional discount, it is really great.

So, if you want to try out a robotic vacuum for yourself; but couldn’t for its price – it is your time to check this ECOVACS DEEBOT out.

Here is the Amazon link to check:

Enough with the robots. Now it’s time to cover for those who want to take things in hand and do all the cleaning by themselves. Let’s see what Dyson has, to offer.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Discounts that are currently going on:

Dyson v11 just got out and if you are among those who keep themselves updated with the latest Dyson line-up, this is the best time to buy a Dyson v11 cause price is dropped already, before the prime day.

Dyson Cordless Series (V series):

The Dyson V11 deal is gone, but do not worry. More appealing Prime Day Deals on Dyson Vacuums are here already. Check the link below to check them!!

Dyson Ball Series:

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Discounts that are currently going on:

This year seems like heaven for clean freaks. Carpet cleaners have also gotten price cuts. Hoover comes ahead this time and offers discounts on their five market trembling carpet cleaners. Let’s see them –


Amazon prime day, 2018 deals

Let us take a short glance over the vacuum cleaners which got discounts on the previous year’s prime day.

No discount on the above-mentioned products, hard luck. But the Bissel linked below gets a discount.

This year’s prime day deals are a bit less soothing for vacuum cleaners seeker because we already have gotten discounts on products we were looking for. Discounted products usually do not get another discount over previous discounts. So if you are planning to purchase an iRobot Roomba or a Dyson one, I’d suggest you buy it right now, because we do not know how many days are left for these discounts.

But for the three products mentioned in the last portion of this article, please wait for Amazon Prime Day to be arrived and see what happens then. Happy Shopping!